Sunday, July 18, 2010

Best Films of 2010 (To Date)

2010 has so far been one of the weakest years of cinema in memory and the future months don't seem to be offering too much either. It has been full of awful blockbusters generating sub-par box office results. 2010 will now forever be remembered as the year of Inception. Which, after a second viewing I will likely claim to be the best film released since There Will be Blood in 2007. I unfortunately missed How to Train Your Dragon, which I was told was one of Dreamwork's greatest projects, but here are the best films I have seen in an Australian cinema in 2010 to date.

8. Kick Ass (Matthew Vaughn) - 3 Stars

7. Iron Man 2 (John Favreau) - 3 1/2 Stars

6. I am Love (Luca Guadagnino) - 4 Stars

5. Animal Kingdon (David Michod) - 4 Stars

4. The Secret in Their Eyes (Juan Jose Campanella) - 4 1/2 Stars

3. Shutter Island (Martin Scorsese) - 4 1/2 Stars

2. Toy Story 3 (Lee Unkrich) - 4 1/2 Stars

1. Inception (Christopher Nolan) - 5 Stars

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