Friday, March 15, 2013

Alliance Francaise French Film Festival Review: Sister (Ursula Meier, 2012)

Sister, co-written (with Antoine Jaccoud) and directed by Ursula Meier (Home), is about the lengths a hardened youngster is willing to go to maintain that much-desired family foundation.

Set against the mighty beauty of the Swiss Alps the small-scale story follows Simon (Kacey Mottet Klein), a capable and intuitive young boy trying to provide for himself and his irresponsible older sister Louise (Lea Seydoux, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), by pilfering skis, gloves, goggles, money and food from the rich tourists at the ski resort up the mountain. The invisible masked marvel slips within the vacationers, and hauls everything down the mountain remarkably inconspicuously. In the valley tower complex where they live he sells his stolen wares to the richer local kids, and swindles the seasonal workers. Louise comes and goes, jumping between men (but her upgrade from a jerk in a Volvo to a Mr. Red BMW suggests her taste is improving), but is grateful of anything he brings in. The money doesn’t last long and though the pair co-exists, they rarely connect. When Simon’s mountain missions get increasingly dangerous, and the family secrets begin to reveal themselves to others, this bleak and atmospheric drama hits emotional resonance.

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