Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monster Inc. Prequel Title Announced

The confirmed sequel to beloved Pixar classic Monsters Inc. from 2001 will in fact be a prequel, titled Monsters University. With Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprising the voice-roles of Mike and Sulley, the events will chronicle the pair's studies at the University of Fear (before they begin working at the factory) where their friendship originates. While I am feeling indifferent about Cars 2 this year, Monsters University sounds like a pretty cool idea. Big thanks to Jack Ibbetson at So I Saw this Film... for making me aware of this announcement.


  1. I loved Monsters Inc...can't wait for the next one!

  2. Pixar rarely make a bad step, but I'm a little disappointed they are indulging in sequels and prequels. The Toy Story franchise was wonderful, but Cars 2 seems unnecessary (Cars is their weakest IMO). I loved Monsters Inc. so I can't help but be excited by this idea! Thanks for the comment Nadine!