Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Okay, so this chain-letter type thing has been floating around the film blogging community. I got tagged by Stevee at Cinematic Paradox and thought I'd participate. The idea is to reveal seven interesting facts about yourself, and then tag seven other bloggers to participate. 

So, here we go:

1. My name is Andrew Buckle. I share my name with an Australian golfer. I am an Australian film blogger. I live in the Inner West suburb of Leichhardt, Sydney.

2. I work at my local cinema.

3. My favorite film of all time is Platoon. The second viewing I distinctly remember being the single greatest film experience of my life to date.

4. The only films I have sat through in their entirety twice in the span of 24 hours are The Usual Suspects, American History X and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Yep!). Don't ask me about the latter. The former is also one of my favorite films.

5. I used to read so much as a kid, but now I have more untouched or unfinished novels in my possession than any number I have successfully completed.

6. If there is a person in film whose personality closely resembles me, it is probably Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) from 500 Days of Summer.

7. I am a huge Philadelphia 76ers fan. Great to see them in the East's playoff hunt this season.

So, there you go. Seven tagged bloggers:

Univarn @ A Life in Equinox

Andrew @ Andrew at the Cinema

Aiden R @ Cut the Crap Movie Reviews

Dan @ Dan the Man's Movie Reviews

Sam @ Duke and the Movies 

Film Geek @ Final Cut

Tom Clift @ Movie Reviews by Tom Clift


  1. Platoon is amazing, I can understand why it would be your favourite.

    Ace Ventura is painful enough to sit through once, I can't imagine sitting through it twice in one day!

  2. Ooh, check me out being tagged :) Will get it up for my Monday post. Very jealous that you work at a cinema by the way

  3. Jack L: it's a strange story as to why I got to watch Ace Ventura twice. It has its moments!

    Film Geek: I look forward to reading your interesting facts :-)
    I work at an Indie cinema, which is awesome. Decent films, European Film Festivals, really relaxed atmosphere. Much better than the huge multiplex I used to work at, which was all about Blockbusters and 3D. Ugh!

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. You work at a cinema? I work at a DVD store! Isn't it helpful when you work around movies all day?

  5. Yeah it's great. Sometimes I wish I worked in a DVD store instead. But the cinema is still cool...I do get free films all around Sydney at multiple cinemas.

  6. Thanks for swinging by the blog! and for the kind comments about my work!