Sunday, October 9, 2011

Monday Links (10/10)

This week has completely belonged to Midnight in Paris. I have now seen it twice, and I had a great time on both occasions. It's easily one of my favourite films of the year, though it still didn't crack my Top 5. That's how strongly I feel about them. I expect Midnight in Paris to do very well following it's October 20 release. I also checked out Vera Farmiga's debut feature, Higher Ground, which was very impressive and an under-appreciated film at Palace Norton Street over the weekend - Eye of the Storm is still almost selling out at times. This befuddles me.

Instead of starting my Godard marathon, I decided to continue with some Sam Peckinpah, watching The Getaway and Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia, and enjoyed my lone day off by doing nothing other than re-watching Face/Off. I ended the week with a mixed bag. Thanks to Nick Jobe (linked later) I watched Troll 2, commonly credited as being 'a film so bad, it's good'. This is a description I would use for a film like The Room, which is an absolute riot. This is just BAD. A friend of mine insisted that Amadeus was one of the greatest films ever. Because my original attempt at watching the film ended at about the two hour mark (of three), I gave it another go. Yes, it is amazing!

On with the links...

Sam @ A Nightmare on Samityville Street reviews Rubber.

Alex @ And So It Begins breaks down George Clooney's Every Other Year Career.

Nikhat @ Being Norma Jean comments on her first experience with Michael Mann's Heat.

The Ides of March was released in the States this week, and surprisingly has received lukewarm reactions. It has been highly acclaimed around the blogging community - be sure to check out Black Sheep Reviews, Duke and the Movies and The Matinee for high quality reviews.

Toby @ Blah Blah Blah Gay wasn't as chuffed with Drive as a lot of others. Alternatively, Bonjour Tristesse gave Drive an 8.7.

Stevee @ Cinematic Paradox breaks down the 2011 Animated Feature Oscar Race.

The Kid in the Front Row meets Alvy Singer.

Be sure to compete in Tom Clift's Double Feature Friday @ Movie Reviews By Tom Clift.

Nick Jobe's analysis of Troll 2 @ Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob is nothing short of amazing.

Steven @ Surrender to the Void reviews one of my favourite films - Sideways.

My buddy Dwayne @ The Lennox Files keeps up-to-date with the Aussie releases. Check out his thoughts on the update of Footloose.

James @ Cinema Sights has finally seen Aladdin. It has only taken him 19 years. I had already watched it at least 10 times by the time I was 7.

Tyler @ Southern Vision shares his Favourite Opening Sequence Ever and his 10 Favourite Criterion Covers.


  1. Thanks for the link, and stop putting off that Godard-a-thon! ;) LOL jokes!

    Can't wait to see MIDNIGHT IN PARIS!

  2. Thanks buddy! Glad you liked Higher Ground, seeing it this week.

  3. Thanks for the link! Just ten more days until I can see MIDNIGHT IN PARIS!

  4. Thanks for linking to me, I really appreciate it!

  5. Thanks for the link! I'll have you know though...Troll 2 is amazing

  6. @ Nikhat - You're welcome! Any time :-)

    @ Tyler - I know. I know. A mix of procrastination and being distracted by other things...

    @ Alex - I look forward to hearing what you think. I enjoyed it more than I expected, and for a debut feature it's quite good work. As usual Farmiga gives an excellent performance too.

    @ Steven - Sideways is a film I recommend to everyone. I have seen it probably 10 times now.

    @ Stevee - Try not to think about the passing days. it will be there in no time haha.

    @ Sam - Of course. Great write-up on The Ides of March.

    @ Kid - You're writing is astoundingly good. Always a great read!

    @ Tom - While I can say I had a great time watching The Room, I really struggled with TROLL 2. The little kid really gave it a go, and I felt guilty for laughing at him - "Nilbog is Goblin backwards." But the parents and the older kids, especially the 'Oh my Goooood' kid, were just awful. What I thought was hilarious was the promise of a sequel to try and draw an audience. No trolls exist in the film and it has no relation to TROLL at all haha. It really is an achievement in awfulness that has some tech work that wasn't too bad but the story (despite the allusions Nick recognises in his review) and the acting is just abominable.