Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Links (17/10)

Though I was supposed to be taking a break in October, I have found myself consuming more films than ever (hence, the chosen photo this week). I am up to 19 films so far in October. Last Tuesday my friends and I had a movie night. We watched Michael Caine's Alfie and Carpenter's Escape from New York before I individually watched Black Narcissus, which was one of the best films I have ever seen. Another of the films we hired out for the night was Mr. Brooks, a film I was told was overlooked back in 2007. I wasn't overly impressed with it. I made up for that with eXistenZ, which was awesome.

After re-watching Take Shelter, I got my act together on Friday and had a double feature, The Cup and The Thing. The fact that The Thing was the best film I watched on that night, doesn't signify a recommendation for the former. Last night was the Red Carpet Premiere of Warrior, which I was invited to. Joel Edgerton was there - he introduced the film. Curiously, Ronan Keating also made an appearance. Tonight I am going to be watching The Three Musketeers and hope to catch Contagion before it's release on Thursday.

I am a little bit behind on my blogging, so I haven't had the time to browse through everyone's blogs. There are only eight articles this week:

Thomas Caldwell's review of Take Shelter is one of the best analyses of this great film I have read. Be sure to check it out. He writes @ Cinema Autopsy.

Ryan McNeil @ The Matinee also dug the film, check out his review of Take Shelter

James @ Cinema Sights revisits The Silence of the Lambs, which will likely appear in my Top 10 films of the 90's for...

Sam Fragoso's upcoming segment, Reinvention of Cinema: 1990's. Be sure to supply your Top 10 films of the 2000's @ Duke and the Movies and check out Sam's thoughts on American Graffiti.

Anna @ Defiant Success checks out Tarantino's Jackie Brown.

Phil @ Phil on Film gives his first round-up of films he has watched at the 2011 London Film Festival.

Cam Williams @ Popcorn Junkie shares his thoughts on the new Kevin Smith film, Red State.

The LAMB: MOTM was Bronson. Check out the LAMBcast where Dylan, Nick, James, Sam and Steve discuss the film.

Hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for visiting the site.


  1. Having to agree with the 'best films I have ever seen' when thinking of Black Narcissus, there. Loved it when I first saw it, still love it now. It's amazing, and so glad you felt the same way about it too, Andy!

  2. eXistenZ was a truly awesome film. I will have to watch it again some time. I remember seeing it in cinemas originally and at the time, I wondered if my drink had been spiked - a viewing a year or so later on DVD hammered home just how visceral cinema can be - even if it makes no sense whatsoever.

  3. @ Cherokee - Yeah, I was recommended the film and I had heard it was amazing, so I thought I'd give it a look, especially considering I loved The Red Shoes. The look of the film is just astounding, it's beautifully paced and acted, and it goes places in the final third that I was blown away by. Wow!

    @ Rodney - Yeah, the final two thirds were really surreal - not quite as surreal as Naked Lunch, mind you - and then the layer upon layer of twists, really send me into a spin. I loved the blurring of reality when within the game, the confusion of the gamer as to whether they are still in control of their bodies, and how a gamer desires the game world over their actual reality. It's like the Inception theme - Am I still dreaming? Weird, but awesome! Thanks for the comment, Rodney!