Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Links (15/10/12)

As I promised, there have been four new reviews posted this week. On Graffiti With Punctuation you can find my thoughts on The Intouchables, I Wish and Argo, and here on The Film Emporium I posted my feature-length review of Lawless.

This week also involved a trip to my parents' place with Sam, which resulted in me eating a lot of great food, being hooked on Friday Night Lights, and discovering Johnny Greenwood's OST for The Master. Masterful.

Coming this week: Reviews of upcoming releases The Savages & Dead Europe, a DVD review of Get The Gringo, and a new FIVE STAR FILMS feature. I think many will find it an unusual choice.

Now, on to this week's links:

Frankenweenie is released in Australian cinemas Oct. 15. Sam has the early scoop at An Online Universe.

Alex was deeply affected by The Invisible War and his new 'In Character' segment features a phenomenal actor I always enjoy watching (even if it is in Rampart).

Josh at The Cinematic Spectacle shares his Ten Favourite Directors.

At Graffiti With Punctuation Cam reviews Undefeated, Nick reviews Cafe De Flore and the team share their Top 10 Australian Films of All Time.

Here's a VERY different read on Argo, courtesy of James at Cinema Sights.

Stevee is embarking on a personal project - A Movie Biography.

I didn't see Marley when it was in town, but Aiden at Cut The Crap Movie Reviews did.

Sam asks his readers a question, and reviews Sinister. That trailer was creepy.

Tom Clift is currently in the States, but he has been busy. Check out his reviews of Frances Ha and The Bay  

I am still annoyed to have missed Laurence Anyways at MIFF, but Phil has it covered.

Certainly one of my most anticipated over the remainder of the month is Seven Psychopaths. Ryan reviews it at The Matinee.

Have a great week.