Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My 125 Favorite Albums of All Time

The slow construction of this list feels like years in the making, and while my knowledge of music is moderate at best, I can appreciate a quality album when one reaches my ears. The key to appreciating the work of an artist is to judge them by their creativity at different periods of their careers. Listening to music by the album, rather than simply making a judgement based on a hit single or a 'best-of' collaboration! These collaborations generally only feature the bands most popular songs, and leave out the hidden gems on their featured albums. Listening to a relatively broad range of music...with the exception of electro/pop, I have attempted to create a list that accurately weighs these albums in my collection in terms of being both entertaining and memorable and also musically outstanding. Originally seeking out the most acclaimed albums of a chosen artist, and based on my opinion of this album, I ventured out and listened to some other works, often finding myself disappointed that they don't quite match the precision of the appropriately acclaimed masterpiece. Some bands have had a massive impact on me at a particular time in my life, and my number 1 album I have listened to more than any other album on this list. But im not necessarily saying that it is the 'best' album on this list, but a master work that stands as both an outstanding release, and a personal favorite of mine. So, I pronounce the link to a list of 125 albums that have proven to have a massive influence on my lifestyle:

Happy Reading! Would really appreciate any feedback. If you share love for an album on this list, lemme know. If you recommend an album, would also love to hear!

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