Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Wire Season 3

After a long layoff from one of the greatest shows ever released on television, I have started the third season of The Wire, which is proving to be just as absorbing as the first two flawless installments. From creator David Simon, and produced through HBO, The Wire was instantly credited with the title of the most enthralling and realistic crime show on television. Featuring a season long story arc, that merges into ensuing seasons, the city of Baltimore, its justice unit and its political leaders are examined at all levels. Baltimore is the central character, with it's branches of homicide, drug peddling, illegal importing, and corruption tackled by the different divisions of the police force. We see the city from both sides of the law, from both the drug dealers trying to make a living on the corner and fight off rivals, to the narcotics agents and homicide detectives that clean up the mess. All the central characters are memorable in their own way, and stay etched in your mind. Each episode is thrilling and slowly unravels the complexities of the characters and their role in the ensuing plot arcs. This is a show that should not be missed! The most perfect entertainment that television has to offer!

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