Thursday, August 19, 2010

Short Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Edgar Wright, 2010)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is wild, hyperactive and pure entertainment. The newest film by Edgar Wright (dir. of Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), is an inventive visual feast. This is a 'get-the-girl' teen comedy/drama set within the world of Street Fighter. When he meets the girl of his dreams, Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) must face and defeat seven of her exes to win her love. Emotionally it hits all the right buttons, it's awkward humor is subtle and amusing, and the fight sequences visceral and brilliant. The film begins to lose it's direction following the fourth ex, with the rock battle against the twins a convenient way of eliminating two more. Jason Schwarzman is always solid, and his turn as Scott Pilgrim's strongest opponent is amusing. Following the aforementioned setback, the conclusion is quite clever. Wright's adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novels is a hodgepodge of dynamics and genre, but no one has proven to be more successful. Some of the sequences actually look like they are filmed comic illustrations. Good fun and worthy of a repeat viewing, this is one of the more entertaining films released in 2010.

My Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

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