Saturday, June 4, 2011

Amy Adams cast in Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master'


Courtesy of The Playlist, it has been confirmed that Amy Adams has joined Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix in the new Paul Thomas Anderson film, The Master. Production is rumoured to begin sometime this month, with Adams working on Zach Snyder's Man of Steel later in the year, making her a very busy woman. There has been wide discussion about P.T Anderson's new project, but most of the key details have remained very much in the dark. Anderson is one of the most talented directors working today and with a near-flawless resume, he certainly has plenty to live up to. The film centres on Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman), a man who returns from WWII and starts a religion not unlike Scientology, taking Freddy Sutton (Phoenix), a former alcoholic, under his wing. Amy Adams will play Dodd's wife in the film. I am a big Amy Adams fan, and this sounds like a perfect casting choice. I'm looking forward to hearing more in the future about The Master. 


  1. I can't wait for this film!!
    In my opinion PTA has a flawless resumé so far, not one of his films are bad.
    Amy Adams is an interesting choice, I'm sure she'll be great in the role. But I think the real scene stealer will be Hoffman as always!

  2. Here's hoping, considering the premise, that this is another stretch for Amy Adams, a la The Fighter. She's so surprising and effective when she gets a little bit of her inner freak on. I want to see that complexity she brought to Junebug again!

  3. So this will be their third time working together? I also can't wait to see this.

  4. @ Jack L - I think PT Anderson's films have gotten better every time, well perhaps not between Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love, but There Will be Blood is his masterpiece in my opinion. Hoffman turned from being a scene stealing support to a scene stealing lead. This will be a tour-de-force for him, no doubt.

    @ Luke - Yeah, I love her when she is cute in Enchanted and Julie and Julia, but in Junebug, Doubt and The Fighter (to name just a few) she really adds a tougher, and more complex breadth of emotions. Really like the casting of Hoffman, Phoenix and Adams together.

    @ Bonjour Tristesse - Absolutely. How great was Hoffman in Boogie Nights and Magnolia. He will own this role.

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