Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Online Film Critics Society Name 'The Tree of Life' Best Picture of 2011

The Online Film Critics Society has named Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life the Best Picture of 2011. It took out a whopping five awards in total, and is now in a strong position to be selected as one of nominees for Best Picture at the end of the month. A few days back I linked to the nominees, but here is the complete list of winners:

Best Picture: The Tree of Life
Best Director: Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life)
Best Lead Actor: Michael Fassbender (Shame)
Best Lead Actress: Tilda Swinton (We Need To Talk About Kevin)
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer (Beginners)
Best Supporting Actress: Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life)
Best Original Screenplay: Midnight in Paris
Best Adapted Screenplay: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Best Editing: The Tree of Life
Best Cinematography: The Tree of Life
Best Animated Film: Rango
Best Film Not in the English Language: A Separation
Best Documentary: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

They do us proud, the Online Film Critics Society. Great choices here, and with the exception of Shame (Fassbender) and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, I have seen all of the films awarded and wholeheartedly agree with their selections. Well, perhaps not with The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which won over Project Nim. I'd take any of Jessica Chastain's roles this year, but the fact they went with her work in The Tree of Life was a bit of a surprise, but not a disappointment. What are your thoughts on these selections? Do you think this improves the Oscar chances of The Tree of Life and Michael Fassbender?


  1. I'll finally be watching Tree of Life tonight methinks, I just got myself the DVD. So glad to see Tilda Swinton win. Can't wait to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy!

  2. Yeah, I have been championing Tilda Swinton ever since I saw KEVIN - now I have seen Streep and Viola Davis' performances, and Tilda is easily my favourite. Have to see Michelle Williams, Glenn Close and Rooney Mara - the only potential challengers, but I hope she takes it out. The Tree of Life is extraordinary. I bought the DVD too, but I am yet to watch it a 3rd time. This week perhaps. Just finished 9 days straight - so had little time to work on the blog and/or watch films. I have had little desire to really.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of love for Tree of Life. I liked the cosmic parts a lot - the space pictures, beautiful music, whispering voices - but I didn't care quite as much for the childhood thing. I'm trying to make a top list of the year after all and it won't make it into the top 10 I'm afraid. Too much competition this year. Perhaps I should do like you and watch it again. It's possible that it would take several watchings to wrap my head around it.

  4. I loved the cosmic parts, where most people haven't, but as soon as the film shifted to the O' Brien's it got even better for me. Easily made my Top 3. Few experiences matched my second viewing of the film - AMAZING. It takes a couple of goes, but it's an extraordinary experience! I applaud all the praise for the film.

  5. A lot of love for Tree of Life and I am not surprised. Yes, I do think it will increase the chances for nominations, but it will get it just for cinematography and picture, nothing else. Also, happy for Fassbender, he is starting to get awards, that's a good sign!

  6. Not for Director, Editing and Visual Effects? None of the performances? If Brad Pitt misses out for Moneyball, I hope he is considered for Supp. Actor.

  7. Fassbender, for the win. Christ what if this happens? Heaven.

  8. I know right? Still haven't seen Fassbender and SHAME, but I can't argue with these awards at all.