Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2012 Sydney Film Festival: Halfway Report/Ratings

After 7 days of the 2012 Sydney Film Festival I have seen 14 films. Quite an easy schedule so far. Over the next 5 days I have another 14 films lined up, including The Cabin in the Woods, which I am finally seeing on Saturday, but not as part of the festival. If I had to rank them so far, here's how they would go:

Undefeated (★★★★1/2)
Amour (★★★★1/2)
Caesar Must Die (★★★★1/2)
Moonrise Kingdom (★★★★1/2)
Beasts of the Southern Wild (★★★★)
Goodbye (★★★1/2)
Tabu (★★★1/2)
La Pirogue (★★★1/2)
Once Upon A Time In Anatolia (★★★)
Excision (★★★)
Not Suitable For Children (★★★)
On the Road (★★1/2)
Alps (★★)
Rampart (★1/2)

All of my reviews and coverage can be found at my 2012 Sydney Film Festival tab on my homepage.

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