Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Links (23/05)

Well, the LAMMY nominations are in and congratulations to all the deserved nominees. I believe the full list of nominees will be posted on the LAMB in a couple of days time, or you can listen to the LambCast (links after the jump) to find out also. I managed to surpass 50 Followers this week too (now on 53), which is a small, but commendable feat. Thank you to everyone who has stumbled across or been linked to my blog and shown your support. The daily comments are very much appreciated. There are so many great writers out there who continually inspire me and challenge me day after day. The development of this blog would not have been possible without you all.

Onto the films I saw this week, after being befuddled by Last Year at Marienbad and continuing my Cronenberg Marathon with Crash, I mostly covered a lot of new cinema releases this week. I saw Water for Elephants, Mad Bastards (capturing the last session of its brief two week run at my cinema), and then Your Highness and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The latter were back-to-back and I was not at all impressed by either, as you may have figured. I ended my week by re-watching The Descent (scaring the shit out of myself again) and Shaun of the Dead (having been coerced by the comments of Nick and Rachel on the recent Demented Podcast).

I have booked my tickets for the Sydney Film Festival. Throughout the duration of the Festival (June 8-19) I'll be seeing and reviewing a total of 20 films, and providing Q+A coverage and general trivia about the event. Things may be a little different here on the Emporium, but I can assure you there will likely be even more activity than normal. Really looking forward to this challenge.

Here are some links for you all:

The Mad Hatter @ Dark of the Matinee suggests ten DVD's that are essential to every collection.

The reviews that Stephen Flores @ Surrender to the Void continues to churn out daily amazes me. This week he has continued his 2011 Cannes Marathon and reviewed House of Flying Daggers, The Class and Irreversible. 

Over @ Anomalous Material Castor has unveiled his 9 Greatest Films Set in Paris, Nicholas Prigge (of Cinematic Romantico) reviews the intriguing Incident at Loch Ness, while Max writes about the films of Richard Linklater.

Sam Fragoso @ Duke and the Movies calls Everything Must Go a "brilliant picture that ebbs and flows with authenticity and tenderness." Check out his review of the new Will Ferrell film.

Ben Kendrick's review of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides for Screen Rant is one of the best reviews of the film I have seen so far. He gave it a 2 though, which I thought was generous.

Though Anders Wotzke's video review of On Stranger Tides for Cut Print Review was pretty hilarious also.

John Gilpatrick @ John Likes Movies obviously liked Certified Copy, but his article Five Reasons Why 'Pirates' Should Walk the Plank is equally entertaining.

This week's LambCast revealed each of the nominees for the 2011 LAMMY Awards. Congratulations to all of the nominees!

Easily the best blog I discovered this week was Bonjour Tristesse, whose coverage of the Cannes Film Festival is fantastic. As is the review of The Passion of Joan of Arc.

Univarn @ A Life in Equinox shares his thoughts on Films you have a preconceived hate for. There's always one...or several.

Everyone should read this article by Kid in the Front Row. Everyone.

Anna @ 5plit Reel reveals her 12 Favourite Sci-Fi Films.

With the 'End-Of-The-World' pending (at the time of writing) Nicholas Prigge from Cinema Romantico expresses his Regrets.

Aiden's review of Bullitt at Cut the Crap Movie Reviews made me want to watch the film again, which meant taking a trip to my parents' place to pick up the DVD.