Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Links (19/12)

Since I last checked in there have been some interesting developments in the Awards race. The Los Angeles Film Critics Association, The Boston/New York Online and San Francisco Film Critics announced their winners, while the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Golden Globe Award nominations were announced, with the usual accompanying controversy. Just yesterday, the Toronto Film Critics also announced their winners.

As a result of this madness and a big week of partying (an awesome staff X-mas party) I have been a bit behind on my reviews, trying to post something on each of the upcoming Boxing Day releases. The Women on the 6th Floor came out last week, but The Skin I Live In and We Bought A Zoo are scheduled for Boxing Day. Leading up to Christmas (when I'm not completing last minute Christmas shopping) I'll be posting my review of War Horse, watching and reviewing Ghost Protocol and checking out the new Sherlock Holmes film. Oh, and for any music buffs, check out my Top 10 Albums of 2011.

So, enough about me, here is the final links listing before Christmas 2011. There will be another one before the end of the year - accompanied by some obscure End-of-Year Awards and plenty of 'Thank yous'.

Andrew @ A Constant Visual Feast has a great looking site. Check out his review of the bizarrely entertaining Spanish film, The Last Circus.

C.S @ Big Thoughts From A Small Mind loved The Skin I Live In just as much as I did.  

A Sydney film critic I recently met, Chris Elena, reviews David Fincher's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Nick Prigge @ Cinema Romantico reviews The Muppets.

Another great site is Dear Film, run by Brian J. Roan. Check out his review of Ghost Protocol.

Sam @ Duke and the Movies finally checks out Take Shelter.

Scott @ Front Room Cinema reviews Elite Squad: The Enemy Within on Blu-Ray. I thought this film was pretty impressive.

With comprehensive film news and reviews, be sure to stop by Matt's Movie Reviews, run by Matthew Pejkovic.

Mysteries of Lisbon has been getting some recent recognition. Phil @ Phil on Film shares his thoughts.

Tyler @ Southern Vision checked out Incendies this week. It's one of the best films I have seen in a cinema in 2011.

Finally, Jandy Stone runs a great site at The Frame. Be sure to stop by.

Well, there we go. Hope everybody has a great Christmas. There is still plenty to be done between now and the end of the year. Happy viewing!


  1. Thanks for the linkage. We're having our staff work party this Friday. There will be a lot of drinking during the last few weeks of this month, ;)

  2. @ Tyler - Man, I feel like I have been drinking all week. And not sleeping. I'm a bit of a mess, actually. Still, will have a couple of days to catch up over Christmas. Enjoy your staff party!

    @ Sam - Of course! Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the 2011 releases you still have to see!

  3. Thanks for the link, Andy. I like that you included Bon Iver on your Top 10 albums. That one really, really grew on me. Partly because I think you really need to listen to it the whole way through in one shot to truly appreciate what he's trying to do.

  4. Much appreciated on the linkage, Andy! The Last Circus might not be one of my favorites of the year but it's certainly worthy of a viewing, unless you're that terrified of clowns of course.

  5. Look forward to the War Horse, MI4 and Sherlock Holmes reviews!

  6. @Nick - Any time. Yeah, that's exactly how I felt about Bon Iver! I find it really interesting how albums grow on you. It may take half a dozen listens but there's often a time when I finally 'get it'. Usually, I get over albums I like immediately!

    @Andrew - I have seen it, but I had no idea how to write about it. Bizarrely, it opened the Spanish Film Festival we held at our cinema this year. It received mixed responses. No worries re link.

    @ Pete - I have already reviewed War Horse - it was a struggle. Checking out the other two today. Sherlock will be up after Christmas!

  7. Thanks for the linkage, Andy! Honestly I want to watch the Skin I Live In again, have not stopped thinking about it.

    I need to give both Elite Squad films a watch. I have been hearing a lot of good things about those films lately.

  8. I will definitely give it another watch - it's been tormenting me too. I haven't seen Elite Squad, but I was really impressed by the sequel.