Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trailers: 'The Dictator' and 'The Devil Inside'

Trailers for a pair of upcoming 2012 releases, The Dictator starring Sacha Baron Cohen, and The Devil Inside. The latter one is quite creepy.


  1. I must admit, that the track and field scene in The Dictator trailer sold it for me. I was not too keen on Bruno, but this film looks to be more on par with Borat.

  2. Hmmm Hadn't seen that Devil Inside one. Looks ok but it a bit same-y. Not convinced by The Dictator yet despite a lot of love for SBC. No doubt I'll be seeing both these though! Thanks for posting!

  3. The Dictator trailer cracked me up. I can only hope that movie will be as good as trailer.

    And The Devil Inside looks interesting.

  4. @ CS - That was the part that sold it for me too. I hated BRUNO, but I find BORAT hilarious. Hopefully this is more like the latter. I will be influenced by the critical response.

    @ Pete - I hadn't heard of The Devil Inside, but it seems pretty similar to The Last Exorcism, which was actually pretty good.

    @ SDG - I am very skeptical about The Dictator, but the trailer has me intrigued.