Sunday, February 12, 2012

Looking Ahead: 20 Films To Watch For This Autumn

As we draw to the close of Summer, we look forward to another season of cinema. Autumn usually has the weakest line-up of films - but often there are a few unexpected gems (last year we had Never Let Me Go, Rango, Incendies and In A Better World). The release date for some of these films (Like Crazy, Carnage and Coriolanus for example) have all been pushed back. Even A Dangerous Method, originally scheduled for the start of March, has been pushed back until the end. Beyond March, which still includes some late 2011 releases - including one of the best films I saw last year, A Separation - it is slim pickings. We get into the early Blockbuster season with John Carter, The Hunger Games, Battleship, The Avengers and Men in Black III, as well as Mirror Mirror, Scary Movie 5, American Reunion and Wrath of the Titans (not listed here for what should be obvious reasons). I am not convinced all of the films here will be of a high quality, but a couple of foreign films, which have been well received, The Kid With A Bike and Footnote, caught my eye. Margin Call was nominated for Best Original Screenplay, while Wish You Were Here could be one of Australia's top releases in 2012.

Here are some of the films that have an official scheduled release in Autumn - with more May films to be confirmed at later dates, I imagine: 

A Separation (March 1st)

Carnage (March 1st)

Like Crazy (March 1st)

50/50 (March 8th)

Coriolanus (March 8th)

John Carter (March 8th)

Margin Call (March 15th)

The Rum Diary (March 15th)

The Kid With a Bike (March 15th)

The Hunger Games (March 22nd)

The Raid (March 22nd)

A Dangerous Method (March 29th)

Footnote (April 5th)

Movie 43 (April 12th)

Battleship (April 18th)

The Avengers (April 25th)

Wish You Were Here (April 26th)

Dark Shadows (May 10th)

Men in Black III (May 24th)

Rock of Ages (May 31st)


  1. Interesting stuff, you will finally get to see some of 2011's best. Also, you get Avengers on the 25th of April? I thought it will come out on the 4th of May

    1. We got Thor before the rest of the world, it is only fair that we get The Avengers too :-p 2011's best? You mean A Separation, Carnage and 50/50? I have seen the former, and looking forward to 50/50. Carnage I am indifferent about. I was very keen when it received such great reviews at Venice, but now my interest has diminished. Still, I will see it. I am actually not that keen for many of these films.

  2. Woah, woah, woah, wait - there's a Scary Movie 5? Really Hollywood? Really?
    Pretty alright list of films we have coming out though - I just don't know whether to see A Separation or Carnage first :)

    1. Yes. There is also American Reunion, and Wrath of the Titans is directed by the guy that directed Battle: L.A. Ouch. I haven't seen Carnage, but I know I can suggest seeing A Separation first with confidence. Incredible film. Don't miss it.

  3. A lot to look forward to, I can highly recommend Carnage, 50/50 and Coriolanus. Like Crazy's pretty good too but not as great as what I had read! Happy film watching!

    1. Thanks for the recommendations Pete. I will probably see all of these - but the only one I have seen so far is A Separation, which I loved.

  4. how is March autumn? i feel a little confused here...
    very nice selection of films. i really want to see 50/50. Like Crazy looks ok, but the main gem would be a Separation, I believe. Carnage did not impress me at the slightest, here is my review
    Great blog!

    1. I live in Australia, so the seasons are opposite over here. We are just passing through our Summer season. A Separation is fantastic, and yes, I think it is the best film listed here. Thanks for visiting Amelie. I'll check out your site too!

  5. I'm so glad 50/50 is getting a cinema release here

    1. Oh me too! There was fear it was going straight to DVD, but it looks like it will remain a cinema release.

  6. The 20 movies that are releasing that have more or less the same story.

    Blair Witch Project