Thursday, December 16, 2010

Releases 16/12

Filling the Avatar slot of 2010 is Disney's Tron Legacy, shot in Digital 3D. It is a sequel to Tron (1982), starring Jeff Bridges. With sure to be groundbreaking 3D visuals, Tron is a must-see in V-Max theaters. As one critic on Rotten Tomatoes suggested: "TRON: Legacy may be the best movie I've ever seen that possesses a truly awful script." Sounds like it has a bit too much style over substance. The other release is Love and Other Drugs, directed by Edward Zwick. It is receiving mixed responses, but Anne Hathway and Jake Gyllenhaal are being praised for their performances and both received Golden Globe nominations in the Musical/Comedy category. I'll endeavor to check out both before the end of the year.

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