Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Links (11/07)

This week, because of the lack of new films hitting cinemas, I passed the time by watching a couple of classics (Les Diaboliques and Network) for the first time. I also re-watched Y Tu Mama Tambien and The Sting. I also grouped together the best performances of the year (here) and booked flights and tickets to MIFF. Today I'm going to check out Sunshine and Orangers.

Check out the top articles of the week (after the jump):

Univarn @ A Life in Equinox shares his feelings on the use of "Well that's two hours of my life I'll never get back."

Sam Bowron @ A Nightmare on Samityville Street reviews Devil, a film that wasn't quite as bad as I expected.

Nick Prigge presents a pretty solid case as to why he believes Keira Knightley's performance in Atonement isn't too bad @ Anomalous Material. Far from a Knightley fan, and with my interest wavering following Saoirse Ronan's exit from the film, I'm not that easily swayed. But its certainly an entertaining read.

Thomas Caldwell recently caught a screening of Taxi Driver. Check out what he had to say @ Cinema Autopsy. 

James Blake Ewing @ Cinema Sights is a great writer. Check out his review of Somewhere, Sofia Coppola's film from last year that I have continued to warm to.  

Stevee @ Cinematic Paradox gives Blue Valentine the 'I was Perfect' rating. It's a wonderful film.

Alex @ Film Forager reviews the Andrei Tarkovsky classic, Stalker. I have to watch that film again.  

Sam Fragoso has had another busy week @ Duke and the Movies. Amongst his reviews are Horrible Bosses and Cinema Paradiso.  

Tom Clift @ Movie Reviews by Tom Clift didn't like Tree of Life. At all. People have been walking out of my cinema all week with varying degrees of disgruntlement. Tom's is an exceedingly well written negative response.

Colin Harris @ Pick 'n' Mix Flix gives David Schwimmer's new film, Trust, a perfect 10/10. I'm intrigued.

Finally, The Mad Hatter reflects on the Summer of Film @ The Dark of the Matinee.


  1. No worries! Though I don't agree, it was still a great read ;-p

  2. Thanks for the link. Glad you could enjoy the post even if you don't necessarily share the same opinion.

  3. @ Duke - You're welcome my friend.

    @ Nicholas - Of course. It was a good post. I have just developed some ill-feelings towards Miss Knightley in recent years. I'm not alone out there. It was bold of you to express your opinions in these abnormally hostile waters haha.

  4. Thanks for the link! I'm so not looking forward to The Tree of Life coming out on DVD here...knowing the people I work with, they'll get 20 copies based on the fact that Brad Pitt and Sean Penn are in it. Then the (slightly misguided) people of Dannevirke will rent it and go straight to their Facebooks with hate mail for it...I haven't seen the film but I know for a fact this will happen :(

  5. Oh, thanks for the link Andy. I don't often give out 10s...

  6. @ Stevee - Haha. Everyone experiences this film differently. How do you know you won't hate it too? It hasn't gotten a big release here in Australia, mostly independent cinemas, but it has done well. The hate has diminished, because word has spread about the style of film it is, but I think it has intrigued a lot of people. I have been trying to gauge people's film interests before I recommend it, but a few times I have suggested 'The Trip' instead.

    @ Colin - You're welcome. I am yet to see you give one. I'll have to do a search for those elusive 10's. I used to think I rarely gave out 5 star ratings. So far, four this year, following just two the whole of last year!