Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My 10 Favourite Firsts

Following the pretty rad lists concocted by Anna @Split Reel and Nicholas @ Cinema Romantico, I thought I would join in. It's a list of 'Favourite Firsts'. This required some deep thinking. 

My Favourite Directorial Debut

American Beauty by Sam Mendes

My Favourite Acting Debut

Edward Norton in Primal Fear


The First Theatre Experience That Moved Me

Free Willy (I was five)

The First Film Character I Had the Hots For

Elena Montero (Catherine Zeta Jones) in The Mask of Zorro 

The First Film Character That Annoyed The Hell Out Of Me

Young John Connor (Edward Furlong) in Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The First French Film I Saw

Leon: The Professional (Does this count?)

The First Asian Film I Saw

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

The First Movie Poster On My Wall

This one for Pulp Fiction

The First Time I Thought The Film Was Better Than The Book

The Silence of the Lambs 

The First Time I Realised Robert De Niro Is A Genius

As Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver


  1. Great List...though I was kind of hot for Edward Furlong in Terminator :P

  2. Thanks! Haha...he was a pain! My runner-up is Bill Paxton's character in Aliens. Come to think of it, wasn't he annoying in a brief role in T2 also :-p

  3. I didn't think Edward Furlong was annoying in Terminator 2!

    I have to agree with Being Norma Jeane on this one, though (about the hot thing...). But only in American History X (minus all the racism and stuff, his character dressed pretty bad ass.)

    Nice little meme, though! Great choices.

  4. Thanks Cherokee!

    Yeah, I didn't mind him in American History X. T2 is one of the great action films of all time (I love it) but I always cringe when I watch his performance haha.

  5. Ahhhh I love Free Willy :D Guilty pleasure.

    So totally for Silence of the Lambs, the books are actually quite bad ..

  6. It was an early favourite of mine, and I was very distressed by what was happening to Willy haha. Yeah, I remember it being very long-winded, and lacking the suspense that made the film so damn terrifying.

    Thanks for the idea Anna. It was a great little Meme.