Thursday, March 28, 2013

Autumn Preview: 15 Films to Watch For This Season

The world has been moving so fast I forgot all about my proposed Autumn preview. Not to worry, it's not like there has been much decent in March anyways, so I will look ahead to April and May to see what films there are to get excited about. With recent watches of Jack the Giant Slayer, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Hyde Park on Hudson, A Good Day to Die Hard, Mama and The Loneliest Planet, I am hoping the streak of immediately forgettable experiences will end soon.

Much like last year we will find ourselves immersed in the blockbuster season in April with Marvel's newest feature, but in the lead up to Sydney Film Festival in June, will 2013 finally bring us something remotely memorable?

Here are fifteen films released in Australian cinemas in April and May that have that potential:

Trance - April 4 - review by Sam McCosh, An Online Universe

First Position - April 11

Warm Bodies - April 11

Kon-Tiki - April 11

No - April 18

Iron Man 3 - April 24

Antiviral - April 25

The Hunt - May 2

Spring Breakers - May 9

The Place Beyond the Pines - May 9

Star Trek Into Darkness - May 9

Evil Dead - May 9

 That is a lot of heavy-hitters for the one day. 

Byzantium - May 16

Tabu - May 16

The Great Gatsby - May 30

Having already seen Trance and The Hunt and not being a Trekkie nor a big superhero fan, Spring Breakers, The Place Beyond the Pines and then Gatsby are the three I am most anticipating. I am also looking forward to catching Tabu once again.

Release dates are different all over the world, but what are you most looking forward to in the coming months?


  1. I can't wait for the Great Gatsby to come out! I was totally against a remake until I saw the trailer...
    Loved First Positions. So crazy!

  2. See, that doesn't look so bad... Actually a strong couple of weeks.

    No is fantastic, as is Tabu. Very pleased they are getting a wide(ish) release.

    I'm super pumped for Star Trek and Gatsby too but I'll be out of the country by then. Hopefully I'll find time to catch them OS.

  3. Looking forward to Trance and Iron Man 3 screenings in the next couple of weeks, hopefully Star Trek Into Darkness would be scheduled soon, too. Lots of great films to look forward to in Spring and Summer!

  4. Am lucky enough to have seen Warm Bodies and Place Beyond The Pines already, both are great. No is absolutely cracking - get yourself to a cinema straight away when it opens! Interested to see what Gatsby will be like but trailers look a bit style over substance.

  5. With Iron Man coming in April and Star Trek in Mayits gonna be a great season.
    -Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins

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