Tuesday, July 5, 2011

'Australian Film of the Year' Update

I thought I was doing quite well with keeping up with Australian feature films in 2011, but on review I have only seen about half of the cinema releases. Earlier in the year I missed out on Wasted on the Young (which a friend of mine starred in), The Reef and Sanctum. The latter I'm not sorry to have missed. More recently The Tunnel, Blame and Here I Am all had limited releases at a few sites. The Tunnel was released simultaneously at the cinema, on DVD and on torrent I believe. I think my housemate has a copy. Oranges and Sunshine is a film I would like to see but haven't got around to finding the time. Cane Toads: The Conquest is playing in Melbourne, because Tom Clift reviewed it (here), but I haven't seen a release here in Sydney.

So, of the Australian films I have seen, here is how they stand:

5. Sleeping Beauty (Julia Leigh)

4. Mad Bastards (Brendan Fletcher)

3. Mrs Carey's Concert (Bob Connelly)

2. Griff the Invisible (Leon Ford)

1. Snowtown (Justin Kurzel)


  1. Don't be sorry about missing out on Sanctum, haha. I found the 3D surprisingly good, but I was bored, and disappointed. I'm very bummed I missed Griff the Invisible. I'm trying to find time to see Oranges and Sunshine as well.

  2. Yeah, I heard it wasn't too good. Griff the Invisible was quirky and fun. There were some implausible elements, but a good blend of comedy and drama. Ryan Kwanted was pretty good. Oranges and Sunshine is playing at my cinema, but I decided to watch The Tree of Life (again) when I last had some time to see a film there. Thanks for the comment, Ruth!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I haven't seen any of these! I don't think I've seen any 2011 Australian films yet, but I was rather keen on Beneath Hill 60 and Kenny, two older ones. Funny, after watching Kenny I watched another Shane Jacobsen movie where he starred with Paul Hogan. You'd think that couldn't miss, but it was terrible. So bad, can't even remember the name of it...

  4. Seeing Tree of Life, for me, means training it into Melbourne, then a tram up to the Nova. My cinema won't play Tree of LIfe, haha. I did see Snowtown though...don't regret it, but never again!

  5. Oh, and Colin - I believe that movie was Charlie and Boots, haha. It wasn't horrible I thought, but wasn't great either. He's going to be starring with Lachy Hulme in a mini-series about the Beaconsfield mine disaster soon (which I plan to watch for Hulme more than anything...)

  6. @ Colin - I never saw Beneath Hill 60, but I really enjoyed Kenny. One of the funniest Australian films out there. I have never heard of Charlie and Boots that Ruth mentioned haha.

    @ Ruth - Snowtown was incredible. So glad I decided to make the effort to see it. I don't think i'll be watching it again, though. I'd like to suggest making the effort to see ToL, but everyone I know that has seen it has experienced it in a different way, so it may not be worth it. Anyway, look forward to hearing your thoughts if you do :-)

  7. Charlie and Boots, that was it! I got about 40 minutes in to it and gave up. Thanks, Ruth!

    There was a TV series of Kenny, too, wasn't there? Was it any good?

  8. I have never actually seen the TV series of Kenny.

    The film felt like it could have been an edited down version of the TV series (like The Trip), but i'm not certain of that. Perhaps the TV series was a spin off following the success of the film..