Friday, July 15, 2011

Trailer: The Thing (Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.)

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who is damn fine I have just come to realise) and Joel Edgerton, the prequel (or is it a shot-for-shot remake?) to The Thing is set to hit cinemas later in the year. John Carpenter's 1982 version is one of my favourite horror films, so naturally I am a little concerned about this. What are your thoughts? Here is the trailer:


  1. this trailer gives me a little jump for joy at the same time as making my bum cheeks clench in a very scared way!!


  2. The trailer actually got me pretty excited but didn't really convince me that the film will be great. Hopefully it brings some new stuff to the table and doesn't just rehash the original. Hell, there's even a scene of dogs chewing their way out of their cage? I guess Matthijs van Helsinkipants is really cranking up the homage meter to 11...

  3. I do like Mary Elizabeth Winstead but I'm not sure about this. All I can think of was that awful Kate Beckinsale movie Whiteout.

  4. @ Custard - I'm excited (a little) because I love the premise. Carpenter's film is scary, but because I love that film so much, I am very pessimistic about anything living up to it! It certainly looks like this one is heavily influenced by Carpenter's '82 version.

    @ Robert - Yeah, that scene with the dogs looked identical. I'll give it a watch. Isn't it supposed to be a prequel though? That didn't seem clear!

    @ Steven - I actually haven't seen Whiteout, but I can imagine!