Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Links (04/07)

This week, amidst work and a few necessary errands, I managed to squeeze in screenings of Cars 2 and Kung-Fu Panda 2. I watched them on the same day last Monday. I took a few days break and then watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon and a repeat screening of The Tree of Life, also on the same day. The former was one of the worst films of the year, while the latter was one of the most magnificent experiences I have had at the cinema in some time. It was an interesting day.

I urge you to watch The Tree of Life again. The emotional impact really hits harder. The first viewing is quite overwhelming, because visually it is so beautiful and there is just so much to take in. What makes me so sad, though, is that people clapped and cheered at the end of Dark of the Moon, while often half of the Tree of Life crowd are walking out displeased and stating in their disgruntlement that it is the "worst film they have ever seen." I thought my cinema was supposed to attract more of an indie crowd with the capacity for abstract thought. For those who have walked out after half an hour, at least give it a chance.

Before I move on to my weekly links, I also posted a Recap of June and selected some films I think are essential viewing. Last night I finished my Half Way Report: Best/Worst Films of 2011. Though I knew the films I wanted to include, there was some last minute reshuffling. Would love to hear your thoughts. For some quality reading, here are some links to fellow movie bloggers (after the jump):

Kevin Knox presents his Top 10 Steven Spielberg Films, Nick Prigge pits Megan Fox vs. Rosie Huntington Whiteley. It's quite hilarious. While, Castor reviews Tangled. All can be found @ Anomalous Material.

CS @ Big Thoughts from A Small Mind ponders the disturbing trend of Superhero Saturation.

Blake @ Bitchin Film Reviews gives us his take on the British comedy hit, Submarine. It's playing at the Melbourne International Film Festival later this month. Damn, I wish I could go.

Paolo @ Okinawa Assault reviews The Trip, the best comedy currently playing in Australian cinemas.

Thomas Caldwell @ Cinema Autopsy has written a wonderful review of The Tree of Life. He gave it a rare perfect five rating. As did I.

Anna @ Defiant Success compares the book and the film of American Psycho. I have read the book. It's amazing. But that R-18 sticker and the plastic wrapping are there for a reason.

My buddy Sam @ Duke and the Movies has just unleashed his Half-Time Report. He lists his Ten Best/Worst films of 2011 to date. He also reviews Beginners, which he gives a perfect 4/4. Can't wait to see this one.

Lesya is running a great site @ Eternity of Dream. Check out her review of The Patriot.

FlixChatter's contribution to the Morality Bites Blog-a-thon, courtesy of Ronan from Filmplicity and Julian of Dirty With Class is excellent.

Anna @ 5plit Reel has written a great article titled Money, Violence and Film: A Filmmaker's Choice.

Steven @ Surrender to the Void has added another couple of great reviews this week. Check out his thoughts on Broken Flowers and Control

For a supremely entertaining review of Transformers: Dark of the Moon check out Tom Clift's @ Movie Reviews by Tom Clift.

Finally, the Podcast I look forward to every week, The Film Locker, has just aired it's 5th episode. Simon Column and The Mad Hatter discuss Stanley Kubrick.

Hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm surprised to hear that Transformers was a dud, from the way people were raving about it, I fully expected it to be better than the other two! Good to know, I'll save my money.

  2. Thaks as always for the linkage Andy! I hope my upcoming TREE OF LIFE review gets a spot next time...not quite the five stars that you or Thomas gave it :P

  3. Many thanks for the linkage, sir. My new site contributor JBT wrote that piece but we greatly appreciate the link love nonetheless.

  4. @ Steven - Of course man. Thanks for reading and commenting regularly.

    @ LexiConErrick - I expected it to be better than the second one, and in some ways it was. But Bay was still up to his old tricks. There is so much wrong it is an insurmountable task to list them. There is no way I can recommend spending money on this. Thanks for stopping by, and for the follow!

    @ Tom - I always respect your work Tom, and I have no doubt that you will effectively state your case for TREE OF LIFE. I'm sure it will a fantastic read. I think everyone experience's this film differently, and I absolutely understand that the film could be a turn off for some people. Personally, I found it to be quite incredible.

    @ CS - Sorry about that JBT. It's a great piece, and the site overall is a great read. Keep up the good work. Happy to promote it!

  5. Glad you've been enjoying the podcast - thanks for the link, mate!

  6. I'll second Hatter! Thanks for the links and glad your enjoying it!

  7. Of course, guys. Enjoying it very much. I'm now intrigued (following Simon's tweet) about next week's one! :-)

  8. I got a reply from 'Screen Insight' on Twitter, yeah!

  9. First off, although I can't call The Tree of Life my favorite, it truly is great. I would love to see it for the second time, but I'd better wait for the DVD. I'm wondering what it would make me feel upon second viewing.

    Secondly, yes, Dark of the Moon is the worst 2011 movie so far.

    Thirdly, thanks a lot for the linkage!

  10. @ Lesya - You're very welcome! Senna is my favourite film, but they were both extraordinary cinematic experiences!

  11. Thank you for the link. And seeing Transformers and Tree Of Life on the same day? I can't get over that one. I suppose, though, Tree of Life is truly a movie you can get lost in, and getting a little lost post-Transformers would probably be a good thing.

  12. No worries Nicholas.

    Yeah, I found that amusing too. I suffered T3, came home and wrote the review, and then walked to my local cinema and watched The Tree of Life. The fact that I watched the dire T3 earlier in the day had no bearing on my response to Tree of Life. It was a nice change, but a truly memorable experience.