Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Releases 07/07

This is shaping up to be a quiet week, following the release of Transformers: DOTM and The Tree of Life last week, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 next week. The only scheduled releases are Nannerl, La Soeur De Mozart (Mozart's Sister) and Precious Life.

Nannerl, Mozart's Sister - A speculative account of Maria Anna "Nannerl" Mozart (Marie Feret), five years older than Wolfgang (David Moreau) and a musical prodigy in her own right. Originally the featured performer, she was given way to Wolfgang as the main attraction, as their strict but loving father Leopold (Marc Barbe) tours his talented offspring in front of the royal courts of pre-French revolution Europe. Approaching marriageable age and now forbidden to play the violin or compose, Nannerl chafes at the limitations imposed on her gender but a friendship with the son and daughter of Louis XV offers an alternative.

Precious Life - At once a plea to end human suffering and a ray of hope for Israeli-Palestinian harmony, journalist Shlomi Eldar's documentary Precious Life chronicles the plight of Mohammed Abu Mustafa, a four year old Palestinian boy born without an immune system, who will die in an Israeli hospital if he doesn't obtain a bone marrow transplant within a brief period of time. Not only does Mohammed succeed at getting the treatment he needs, his case manages to pull Israeli and Palestinian doctors together, who make a concerted, joint effort to save the child's life, putting aside racial and religious differences in the process.

Weekly Recommendation: Ahh, good luck finding these films playing anywhere. I suggest you save your pennies this week, or check out Tree of Life if you haven't already. 


  1. Well, since The Tree of Life isn't coming to my local multiplex this week. Boo!!!! And I wanted to see it again but I'm not willing to spend gas again and drive 20-30 minutes again unless there's another great film playing.

    Instead, I'll stay home and watch a couple of films like Grand Illusion and something else as well.

  2. I watched Les Diaboliques and Network last night, so I might stick to catching up on classics. I might only catch up with Oranges and Sunshine this week. It's a film I have been only semi-interested in seeing, but I think it would be worthwhile.