Sunday, July 31, 2011

Go, See, Talk's "Double Feature Theatre" Blog-a Thon

This was hastily published as part of Go, See Talk's most recent blog-a-thon, in which we were challenged to come up with a week's worth of double features (with a triple-feature on the Sunday). Check out what the rest of the participants came up with here


The Wicker Man / Shutter Island

Two top-notch horror/thrillers that strikingly resemble one another.


The Player / 8 1/2

Making movies can be hard. Just ask Griffin Mill and Guido Anselmi.


Sunshine / Moon

Two recent pinnacles of the sci-fi genre that deal with people going batty in space. 


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Rango

Why not? They both feature a character with no name.


Downfall / Inglourious Basterds

Watch how Hitler died. Then watch how Hitler could have died.


There Will Be Blood / American Psycho

For some reason I have it in my head that this would make a great double feature. Haven't been game to try it yet.


Rouge / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Amelie

For no other reason than for the delight they bring.


  1. andy this is a selection of some of the finest movies ever made. nice work my friend. that is the original wicker man i assume? downfall is such an incredible piece of cinema. awesome.

  2. Thanks Toby. I enjoyed yours too! Taken straight from my DVD collection :-p Yeah, the original Wicker Man. One of my favourite horror films!

  3. That is a kick-ass selection. I would love to go to all of these double/triple features.

  4. Gracias! It would be pretty cool, huh!

  5. Wednesday and Friday are superduper great! I'd come by your theatre any time! Sunday says a lot about your taste in film, so does mine for me. It felt like a day where you've been watching everything and anything and on sunday you want to get back to those films that are near and dear.

  6. I would welcome you to my cinema with open arms, Anna!

    I think my favourites are Thursday and Saturday. Such bizarre pairings! Yeah, I do love those Sunday films. Films i revisit regularly when I want to feel inspired. After a long week of films (some being quite intense) it's great to relax with some old favourites.

  7. There Will Be Blood and American Psycho? I like it. That could work. If it doesn't, it's still a spectacular wild card.

    Quite frankly you would have to save me a seat for Tuesday and Friday, they sound like amazing double bills.

    It beggars belief that I've still to see 'The Wicker Man', I must rectify this at once. Great choices.

  8. You have been featured in a follow up to Double Feature Theatre, take a look here

  9. Some nice selections. I had Shutter Island and American Psycho in mine too, but paired with completely different films!

    I especially love your Wednesday. Even the posters seem to go together!

  10. I especially loved your Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Some very nice movies in here.

  11. @ Ibe Tolis - Yes, you must rectify this lack of 'The Wicker Man' knowledge. It is amazing!

    @ Andy - Thank you for the inclusion Andy. I am honoured!

    @ Tom - I liked your selections too! I went straight to my DVD collection, and figured I would start with The Wicker Man and Shutter Island because I wrote a piece on them earlier in the year. As for Wednesday, I have Hatter and Simon's discussions on Danny Boyle (The Film Locker) to thank for that inspiration.

    @ Alan - Thanks for reading Alan. It would be great to see the double features everyone is coming up with in cinemas some day!

  12. Nice choices! Saturday's selection is quite intriguing... I think it could work. I might have to give it a shot sometime, actually.

  13. Your Friday tagline just killed me. Thanks for being part of this!Also, really partial to your Sunshine/Moon line up. That is rather sly if I do say so myself:)

    P.S. Your Thursday is one of the best original/remake pairings (well homage really) I've seen in anyone's posts. Fine work Andy!

  14. @ Eric - Thanks! Yeah I once proposed a movie night with friends that included Dead Man and American Psycho, but that never went through. Then I thought of There Will be Blood. I'd like to give it a shot one day too.

    @ Marc - Thanks for organising this event Marc. I had a lot of fun thinking about these. Friday is in slightly bad taste, I will admit, but I think Thursday would be really enjoyable! I just watched Sunshine again a few days ago; it's a fantastic film.

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