Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Links (14/11)

This week has all been about Moneyball. Having seen it last Thursday I have been riding the buzz all weekend, which is a good thing because I have been varying degrees of tired (an epic basketball session on the weekend) and hungover (right now). Also this week I re-watched and reviewed Office Space, continued my Godard-a-thon with Contempt and included my thoughts on Sleepaway Camp, El  Topo, Broken Embraces and American Graffiti in a Quick Reviews post. I also posted my Top 10 Films of the 80's, 90's and 00's. Overall, it's been a busy week with more viewing than writing. It's also a week I got to see Dwayne Wade in Sydney.

Enough ramble. On with the links:

 Jessica @ The Velvet Cafe sparks some great discussion in her Musings on Film Recommendations

Kevyn Knox @ The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World presents his thoughts on Citizen Kane for True Classic's The Citizen Kane Debate.

For a pair of honest reviews of Clint Eastwood's new film, J. Edgar, check out Sam's @ Duke and the Movies and Ryan's @ The Matinee.

The guys @ The LAMBcast discuss Duncan Jone's Moon.

My buddy Dwayne @ The Lennox Files reviews Moneyball.

Steven @ Surrender to the Void shares his thoughts on Julia Leigh's Sleeping Beauty.

Gleen Dunks @ Stale Popcorn writes an entertaining review of Shark Night 3D for Trespass Magazine.

Tyler @ Southern Vision shares his Beginner's Guide to Ingmar Bergman.

Colin @ Pick 'n' Mix Flix gets around to reviewing Snowtown. We share similar opinions of the film. There's no denying it is the Australian Film of the Year.

Max @ Impassioned Cinema runs a great site. Check out his post on the Animated Film Oscar Race.

James @ Cinema Sights reviews The Iron Giant. I need to see this.

Nikhat @ Being Norma Jean unveils her Top 100 Films.

Nick Prigge @ Cinema Romantico reviews a classic - From Here to Eternity.

Finally, Alex @ And So it Begins revisits a classic scene from Oliver Stone's Platoon.


  1. Thanks for the linkage. I should probably see MONEYBALL, since everyone's going on about it.

  2. You haven't seen The Iron Giant? Oh man. Guess you aren't hip enough. (You'll understand once you see the film)

    Check that out pronto.

  3. Ah yes, blogging hungover. Been there, done that. I have to say, I really like hearing that you were able to ride the high of "Moneyball" for several days. Don't you just love it when that happens? It's the feeling we all look forward to without knowing when it will actually strike.

    And thanks for the link.

  4. Thank you for the link :)
    What did you think of it?

  5. Hey there! Thank you for the link love. As you say - a lot of discussion, so I hope people will read the comments. They're as always often better than the post as such.

  6. @ Tyler - No problem. Definitely worth a look. I was a big fan.

    @ James - Totally not hip enough. I was a Pixar man but this slipped under the radar I guess.

    @ Steven - No problem.

    @ Nick - It's been a rough day. It's close to 40 degrees here and had to go to work. There have been only a handful of films this year where I have continued to obsess over them for a period after seeing it - re-listening to the soundtrack etc. I love that feeling.

    @ Nikhat - I thought it was great. I have seen most of the films on the list, and I enjoy them all immensely. We have similar tastes.

    @ Jessica - At times the discussion can be, but I thought the ideas you raise are really great. Pleasure!

  7. Cheers Andy, 'preciate it. Long may Australian films continue their renaissance.

  8. Thanks man! Considering how much you love Platoon, I'm really glad you enjoyed my post.

  9. @ Colin - It's been an average year for Australian films (overall) but Snowtown and Red Dog were exceptions that for sure.

    @ Alex - I'm going to prepare a special post on the film for my 700th post!