Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top 10 Films of the 80's/90's/00's

Recently, Sam Fragoso at Duke and the Movies has been asking his readers to contribute their Top 10 Favourite Films for each decade starting first with the 2000's and working back. He is then collaborating each of the rankings and compiling an ultimate Top 10 list - based on the tasteful selections of his readers. These can be found hereIf you haven't contributed to the 1980's yet, be sure to stop by and let him know. I thought I would post my personal selections here. In addition to the Top 10, I am also going to include five honourable mentions. After all, throughout an entire decade of cinema, to select just ten films is pretty difficult. I am also working on an updated Top 100 list and most of the films included here will be found on that list also.

So, here we go:


Honourable Mentions: Amelie, Brokeback Mountain, Mulholland Drive, Pan's Labyrinth and The Wrestler.

10. Inglourious Basterds (2009)
9. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
8. Children of Men (2006)
7. The Departed (2006)
6. Adaptation (2002)
5. Sideways (2004)
4. City of God (2002)
3. No Country for Old Men (2007)
2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
1. There Will be Blood (2007)


Honourable Mentions: Magnolia, Heat, The Double Life of Veronique, The Silence of the Lambs and Saving Private Ryan

10. The Thin Red Line (1998)
9. The Last of the Mohicans (1992)
8. Trois Couleurs: Rouge (1994)
7. American Beauty (1999)
6. L.A Confidential (1997)
5. Fargo (1996)
4. Pulp Fiction (1994)
3. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
2. The Usual Suspects (1995)
1. Se7en (1995)


Honourable Mentions: Die Hard, Ran, Brazil, Koyaanisqatsi and Fitzcarraldo

10. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
9. Full Metal Jacket (1987)
8. Blue Velvet (1986)
7. Aliens (1986)
6. Glory (1989)
5. The Thing (1982)
4. The Shining (1980)
3. Blade Runner (1982)
2. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
1. Platoon (1986)


  1. I've seen every movie on your 2000's list, but I would take out numbers 4 and 10. City of God felt like a ten hour epic and I don't think I could sit through it again. On the other hand, Inglorious, is a great movie just not in my top ten for the span.

    I think I would add in 'Almost Famous' and 'Little Miss Sunshine' instead. Another notable for me is '40 year-old-virgin'.

  2. Good lists. I am sort of surprised and proud of myself to having watched most of these :P

    I don't think I will be making this. My top 100 will be so difficult anyways, this is like added pressure.

  3. I posted my list to Duke and the Movies, but I think I forgot some films...

  4. Great lists, our '90s and 2000s are very much in line. Interesting that except for Platoon and your honorable mention of Fitzcarraldo, nothing in our '80s match up.

    Great choices all the same!

  5. @ Max - I like all of the films you mentioned, but I could never leave out City of God. I thought that film was incredible. To choose just 10 from a decade is tough. I actually made a Top 100 of the Decade (2000's) list, but on a recent review, I don't like it at all.

    @ Nikhat - I guess there aren't too many obscure ones in here. They are renowned and have become classics for a reason. But, if you have seen all of these, that means you have seen some amazing films. You should give it a go. It's a bit of a headache, but worth it.

    @ Mette - I'll have a look at your list!

    @ Alex - Yeah, I remember thinking I hadn't seen many from your 80's list. For me, it's top heavy. The ones I have mentioned here and then it fizzles out. It's a decade I need to see more films from. I'd be lucky if I could pick out 50 films from the 80's I really enjoyed. My 'Best Films by Year' lists exhausts my selections.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  6. Interesting!
    No Country For Old Men would definitely be number 1 in my 2000's list.
    In the 1990's I would find a place for Flesh And Bone and Schindler's List and in the 80's I wouldn't deviate from your selection at all Andy.

  7. Thanks for the link and mention Andy.

  8. Interesting list! I've seen most of the 2000s and 1990s movies; I liked the fact that you put Seven on 1st and Shawshank Redemption on 3rd place- both are fantastic. I still have to see Sideways, Fargo and Usual Suspects- soon!

  9. No Fight Club in the 90s list? Just did my 70s top 10 and 80s top 10, now on to the 90s and 00s. Only films I need to see off your lists are Glory, Three Colours, and Mohicans! Will get on it. Great lists!

  10. @ Paul S - No Country is amazing, but I have always preferred TWBB. While Schindler's List is one of the best films of the 90's (and ever), it's never been a film I have desired to watch too often, so I feel like I shouldn't include it, despite my high regards for the film. I haven't seen Flesh and Bone, but I'll look it up and give it a go. Thanks for reading.

    @ Sam - Sure thing buddy.

    @ Aziza - I love all of those films, but my first experiences with both Se7en and The Usual Suspects were more memorable than The Shawshank Redemption. Though, thinking back, I begged my mum to watch it with me again the night after. Still, it doesn't top watching The Usual Suspects back to back :-p You have to see those films!

    @ Pete - Fight Club is a film I do enjoy, but I have fallen out of favour with it over the years. I have seen it close to 10 times. When I do watch it, I think it is one of my favourite films. When I don't, I kind of despise it. It's a strange feeling, but I can't put it in my Top 10. All three films you mentioned are essential viewing. I'm looking forward to the 70's - it will be interesting. There may be four Coppola on my 70's list...

  11. Great lists. I agree with all of them! My favourite films of each decade are: FANNY AND ALEXANDER for the 80s, THREE COLOURS RED for the 90s and THE PIANO TEACHER for the 00s.

  12. Thanks Tyler. Interesting selections. I haven't seen FANNY AND ALEXANDER yet, but THE PIANO TEACHER is one that I think I need to watch again. In the Haneke resume, I wouldn't include it in my Top 5. I thought Huppert was superb, but I remember struggling through it, and not really enjoying it.