Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Giveaway: 5 x Double Passes to Advanced Sydney Screenings of 'The Babadook'

Thanks to Umbrella Entertainment and Jameson PR I have five double passes to give away to an advance screening of The Babadook at Dendy Newtown on Monday 19th May at 6.45pm.

The Babadook is a critically acclaimed psychological thriller starring Essie Davis (The Matrix, Girl With a Pearl Earring, Australia) as a single mother plagued by the violent death of her husband. When a disturbing storybook called ‘The Babadook’ turns up at her house she is forced to battle with her son’s deep seated fear of a monster. Soon she discovers a sinister presence all around her. 

"An effective blend of malevolent invader/spooky house horror with the real and the personal; a daily reminder of a tragic loss, a wild child and other fatiguing single-mother pressures. It surprises and frightens consistently, and Essie Davis is excellent."

It releases theatrically on limited release May 22.

Email your name, with 'Mr Babadook' as the subject, to before 11pm on Wednesday 15th May to enter the draw. Winners will be notified via return email and added to the door guest list on the night.

Best of luck!

NOTE: Winners have been notified. Thank you to everyone who entered. 


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