Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday Links (16/05)

I hope everyone had a great week. I have felt a little more disconnected than normal and am working on a number of posts. With Blogger going down and some socialising having left my head a little sore this weekend, I was not as productive as I would have liked. Hence, posting this a day earlier than usual. This week I continued my David Cronenberg marathon with The Fly, Dead Ringers and Naked Lunch. Wow, the latter is weird. But awesome. I hated Dead Ringers though. I'm not sure if anyone had the chance to read my Films of David Cronenberg Vol. 1 but it was deleted by blogger merely hours after I posted it, and I just have not had the motivation to re-write it from an early draft stage. How annoying! Oh, I watched Cell 211 at the Spanish Film Festival, and Insidious yesterday. This will undoubtedly be the scariest film of the year. I am just about to book tickets for 20 films over the span of the Sydney Film Festival (June 8-19) so I am going to be very busy if I am to achieve my goal of reviewing each of them.

Here are some of the week's top articles:

Anders Wotzke from Cut Print Review delivers a really entertaining video review of Insidious

Dan at Dan the Man's Movies Reviews shares his thoughts on one of my all-time favourite horror films, The Thing

Stephen Flores at Surrender to the Void has been reviewing a film a day with some connection to Cannes (either it won, or was nominated) during the duration of this years Cannes Film Festival. Check out his review of Un Prophete.

Mad Hatter at The Dark of The Matinee recently watched Gremlins. His discussion of the film with Jack Cole from Not Just Movies is worth a read.

Dan at Top 10 Films has compiled a list of his Top 10 Buddy Films since 1980. I was glad to see Sideways on the list.

Aiden at Cut the Crap Movie Reviews shares his thoughts on Badlands.

I missed Certified Copy when it played here, but I really want to see it after reading Sam's review at Duke and the Movies.

The 'Life in Movies Blogathon' held at Fandango Groovers Movie Blog was a big success. Check out all who participated here.

Stevee at Cinematic Paradox has just unleashed her 10 Favourite (Modern/Classic) Directors.

Finally, The Cynicritics reveal their Top Films of the 1990's

Thanks for reading. Hope everyone has a great week ahead. 


  1. I've actually got The Fly, Dead Ringers and Naked Lunch on my PC but haven't watched any of them yet. I look forward to them, especially the Fly, although it's a shame to hear your hated Dead Ringers, I was kind of looking forward to that one...

    I read a chunk of your Croenenberg post but couldn't read the rest as it was removed, what I read was great though!

  2. The Fly is great. Yeah, I just did not enjoy Dead Ringers. I just wanted it to end. The post has returned, but I think it is inferior to what I came up with before. Oh well! Watching Crash today, and then eXistenZ later in the week in prep for Vol. #2.

  3. Wow, a real Croenenberg marathon, aren't you afraid it might damage your sanity in some way ;)

    I've only seen a few of his films, The Dead Zone, Eastern Promises, and I think that's about it...

    I look forward to reading your posts on his films!

  4. I am a bit concerned about Crash actually, and Naked Lunch was pretty messed up too. Just had this strange urge to check out all of his films, after I was recommended The Fly. I really liked A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, but I had never seen any of his earlier films. Thanks for reading Jack!