Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Life in Movies Blog-A-Thon

Following the success of March's Desert Island Soundtrack Blogathon (which I participated in very late), I am pleased to be involved in the recently proposed 'A Life In Movies' Blog-a-thon created by Andy at Fandango Groover's Movie Blog. The idea is to reveal your favourite movie from each year since the year you were born. Here are the films I selected:

1988: A Fish Called Wanda
One of my favourite outrageous comedies. Python duo John Cleese and Michael Palin team up again, but it is Kevin Kline's Otto who steals the show. 

1989: Glory
An extremely powerful and moving Civil War epic from Edward Zwick. Intense action, profound humanity and courage, and great performances. 

1990: Miller's Crossing
Features dialogue as sharp as any Coen Bros. film. Miller's Crossing has everything...smooth talking, double crossing, even hat obsessions. 

1991: The Silence of the Lambs
One of the great thrillers of the decade. Wonderful performances from Hopkins and Foster, and that scene in the courthouse is one of the scariest I ever put myself through at a young age.

1992: Reservoir Dogs
I think the film is worth it for the opening scene alone. "You don't tip?" Love Buscemi.

1993: Groundhog Day
I genuinely want this to happen to me someday.

1994: The Shawshank Redemption
Tough choice between this and Pulp Fiction. I don't know too many people who don't like this film, though.

1995: Se7en
Wonderful thriller from David Fincher. The chase sequence in the middle is one of the most heart-pounding moments in cinema. This might just be Brad Pitt's best performance also.

1996: Fargo
Buscemi again. "You should see the other guy."

1997: LA Confidential
A brilliant ensemble cast and one of the most engaging noir thrillers of the decade. Has always been one of my favourite films, and I have watched it more than most films I own.

1998: The Thin Red Line
One of the most beautiful films ever made. I personally prefer it to Ryan. 

1999: American Beauty
Oh, how I love watching Lester's antics in this film. While 1999 is one of the strongest years in consideration here, Sam Mendes' debut never gets tiring.

2000: Gladiator
It's just awesome. I was entertained.

2001: Amelie
Audrey Tautou is one of my favourites. Amelie is such an uplifting film. Thinking about it now, I kinda need it. 

2002: Adaptation
Nicholas Cage can act? Imagine that. Adaptation is a masterpiece.

2003: Lost in Translation
I feel I should have a Lord of the Rings film here, but 2003's Return of the King was my least favourite of the trilogy. I'm going with Sofia Coppola's finest work instead.

2004: Sideways
Paul Giamatti's performance here is wonderful. I don't know why I like this film so much, I just find it impossible to resist. Like fine wine, perhaps?

2005: Cache [Hidden]
If you haven't seen Hidden, you should make it your next priority.

2006: The Departed
Features nearly all of my favourite actors in the same film, and that's not including Marky Mark, who, I admit, was damn good. Anyone else think Leo should have got an Oscar for this?

2007: There Will Be Blood
The Best Film of the Decade! Daniel Day-Lewis gives one of the greatest performances in cinema history.

2008: The Wrestler
Mickey Rourke got robbed at the Oscars, but he sure left an impact in Aronofsky's deeply affecting masterpiece.

2009: Inglourious Basterds
It appears here for many, many reasons. "Bonjourno" seems as fitting an example as any.

2010: The Social Network
Plenty has been said about this film over the last 12 months. I have watched it four times and it has been a more rewarding experience each time. Quite simply, it is perfect in every way.

2011 (So Far): Incendies 
Totally blew me away. A harrowing political thriller with a compelling central mystery. 


  1. Good choices! We coincide on 1999, 2003 and 2005. And can't wait to see Incendies...

  2. Fantastic choices! I need to do this soon, and also need to see American Beauty

  3. We share several choices.
    It was a joy to read this post!

  4. Liking this one Mr Buckle!! Good choices and we share some too!!

    Yet another whipper snapper....I am still yet to find someone that has a longer list than mine...LOL


  5. I'm very grateful of the comments everyone. Custard, i'm not sure I'm such a whipper snapper these days, but glad you liked my list! There are some really entertaining posts in the Index on Fandango Groovers...

  6. Nice work, while only a handful of your choices made my list, I can honestly say I love them all (except Incendies that I haven’t seen) and own most of them on DVD or VHS. Thanks for taking part.

  7. Awesome list, I love that you included Adaptation, such an amazing film that made my list as well.

    Also Cache was a film that really stuck with me, such a peculiar film. But it's definitely one of my favourites.
    We've got quite a few choices in common in fact...

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  9. Awesome choices! We share quite a few in common, especially from the last decade.

  10. Your first two are identical to mine and then we diverge for the most part but a great list. Bonjourno, indeed.

  11. Great list Andrew! A lot of picks I probably would have myself including LA Confidential, Glory, Groundhog Day and The Shawshank Redemption.

  12. Thanks everyone. There are a few tough years (like 1995 and 1999), which make it hard to choose just one film. But I love lists like this that group all of your favourite films together in an inventive way. While there are some similarities amongst our lists, everyone has created something different.

    @ Nicholas: JFK and Last of the Mohicans would have been runner-up to my selections. It's really interesting that you selected 'The Dish' and 'Rachel Getting Married', two films I really like, but would find on few other lists I imagine.

  13. Man, the list just get shorter and shorter :) Nice list, Andy, I'd have Gladiator on my list as well. I haven't finished mine yet but I know it'll be hard to pick just one on some years.

  14. A Fish Called Wanda! I love that you included that movie on this list. It's a ridiculously fun movie and doesn't get as much attention as it should. Great list!

  15. "Miller's Crossing" is one of the great mob movies people seem to forget about -- not sure why. I'm glad to see it get some recognition here. Gabriel Byrne rocks.

  16. @ M. Carter - Miller's Crossing, along with Fargo, has always been on one of my favourite films by the Coens', and Gabriel Byrne was one of my favourite actors at the time, so it was certainly a winner.

    @ M. Hufstader - I never get tired of watching the crazy antics of the Python crew.

  17. a short list! ha! an enjoyable rundown andy.

    i feel like you may not have seen leaving las vegas after your nic cage comment. i loved him that movie, i loved that movie, but it's not exactly the happiest film in the world.

  18. I haven't seen Leaving Las Vegas. Its on an ever-increasing list of films I need to see haha. It may seem short, but I have seen some lists that start in '95. I wish I had been writing about films at 16/17. Oh well.

  19. oh i know what you mean. if the internet was functioning in this way when i was a youth i may have used it for more than aol chat and softcore porn.

    but yeah to be aware of what you like and why is a rare commodity in the teenagers ive met recently.