Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Links (05/09)

As I write this I am feeling ridiculously tired, so I will keep it short. I have been working lots, and most of my days have included both shifts and multiple films. I have been watching a lot of Italian film as part of my early coverage of the 2011 Lavazza Italian Film Festival hitting Sydney in less than two weeks. So far I have managed to review A Quiet Life, 20 Cigarettes and Escort in Love. I also watched One Day, which wasn't great, and The Help, which I really enjoyed and intend to review soon. Today, I unveiled my 10 Favourite Seinfeld Episodes.

So, here are some links: 

Steve @ 1001 Plus reviews Dead Man, which I think is Jim Jarmusch's best film.

Alex @ And so it Begins... shares his own 20 Documentaries to (Really) See Before You Die in response to Current TV's original list of 50.

JBT @ Big Thoughts From A Small Mind looks at some films where cities becomes supporting characters.

Nick Prigge @ Cinema Romantico unveils his 10 Favourite Seinfeld Episodes, as I also have. I love his list, though.

James @ Cinema Sights ended his Cronenberg marathon with reviews of Crash and Eastern Promises.

Sam @ Duke and the Movies got to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid this week. What a treat!

Tom Clift @ Movie Reviews by Tom Clift has started a new feature: Double Feature Fridays, a weekly competition in which Tom has challenged his readers to pair the week's new theatrical releases with their favourite older or classic films. He also reviews The Help, an excellent film I watched this evening, and Senna, which anyone who reads this site knows I absolutely love. Great work Tom!

Sam, James and Tom return for LAMBcast #82 - Roll You're Own Top 5 where they join Nolahn and host Jason Soto.

Tyler @ Southern Vision reveals Ten Great Indie Dramas You Must See

Toby @ Blah Blah Blah Gay - A Movie Review Blog runs a great site. This week he reviews a South Korean film called 3 Iron.


  1. Thanks for the link. Hope the film festival's going well.

  2. Three links for the price of one. Or for the price of zero I guess :P thanks for the shout outs Andy!

  3. i appreciate your time andy, it's pretty valuable this week too from the sounds of it.

    been checking out your Italian Film Fest reviews but i'm reserving full attention just incase i end up seeing them next month. did more screeners arrive or is it just the three?

  4. @ Sam - No worries man.

    @ Tyler - So far so good, though I have got a little distracted, watching The Help last night, and continuing with some Altman today (Short Cuts). But, I still have some screeners to work through before the 15th.

    @ Tom - Not a problem Tom. I watched The Help last night and really enjoyed it. I know you did too, and wanted people to know about it. As for your Double Feature Friday, I haven't had much creative inspiration yet, but i'll come up with something haha.

    @ Toby - Yeah, I have three more to work through, which I will get to later in the week. That's fair enough. You should definitely see 20 Cigarettes though! Though I have only seen three it's my recommendation. I did just that the other night when a customer was inquiring about whether I had seen any in the guide. Handy knowledge.

  5. Thank you for the link. And for joining in.

    Also, I really, really need to see "Dead Man."

  6. It was a lot of fun. Thank you for the inspiration! And yes, you need to see Dead Man!