Friday, September 16, 2011

A 'Sideways' Hiatus

I will be taking a short hiatus. Don't worry, it's just three days. I am heading to the Hunter Valley with some friends, which is the wine central of N.S.W. We have a tour planned which involves visiting multiple wineries. How very Sideways of me. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy viewing. 

I expect there will be plenty of this...

and this...

and hopefully none of this...


  1. Sometimes, I get good wine cheap from my Uncle, who works for a winery in the King Valley here in Victoria :P Have fun.
    Old wine, is good wine.

  2. Enjoy the wine and the good times Andrew. Please don't come back with a broken nose though ;)

  3. We have a couple of cases packed already, but no doubt we'll pick up more along the way! That's a great deal you have, Ruth!

    Castor, I intend to have all sorts of adventures, but running naked through an ostrich farm isn't on the cards, or breaking my nose (jinx) haha.

    Thanks guys!

  4. I hope you have some fun and remember, don't drink Merlot.

  5. Have a blast, man! I just assume no one will be drinking any merlot. (Was that too obvious?)

  6. There will be no fucking merlot! Cheers guys!

  7. I thought I'd give some clever remark, perhaps referring to "Sideways" ... I got nothing.

    Abrupt end to my comment.


    See what I did there ;)

    Peace Andy.

  8. It's funny. I just woke up, dreadfully hangover. I go online to see what's been happening with my blog peeps and I find out you're getting sloshed in Hunter Valley. I don't get it... is this a sign I should stop drinking or keep drinking? :)