Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Awards Watch: The Directors Guild of America Announce Nominees

The Director's Guild of America (DGA) have announced their nominees. Winners are set to be announced January 28.

Martin Scorsese - Hugo

Woody Allen - Midnight in Paris

Alexander Payne - The Descendants

Michael Hazanavicius - The Artist

David Fincher - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Wow. Fincher again. That is quite a surprise. Each of these films have been nominated by the PGA and the WGA, and seem all-but locked into Best Picture nominations. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has come out of nowhere. Hotly anticipated and well-received, but I never considered it to be an Oscar player. Oh well, I guess I'll find out this Thursday. Interestingly, here in Australia, Dragon Tattoo, The Descendants and Hugo are all released on the same day. Crazy, huh? The most notable exclusion, and I am sad to say, is Terrence Malick. The Tree of Life has had no love from the Guilds despite being included in countless critics' lists and won multiple awards.The other notable exclusion is Steven Spielberg, but honestly, I never saw that happening. I guess looking though the other candidates, the only other players are Bennett Miller (Moneyball) and Nicolas Winding Refn (if the Academy turns to Drive). What are your thoughts? The Top four were no surprise, but I expected Malick to take that 5th spot. Do you think Malick and The Tree of Life has any shot at the end of February?


  1. I hope Malick gets a shot at a Directing nomination. Then again, there's a list of great filmmakers that never won the Directing Prize. Kubrick, Fellini, Bergman, and Kurosawa. Malick is in the same level as those guys. I don't think he needs one although it would be extra-nice if he got a nod and won.

  2. I still think Fincher and Dragon Tattoo miss out at the Oscars. Not only because I didn't happen to like the film (which doesn't really mean anything), but also because it just doesn't seem like the type of film the Academy will go for.

  3. It's not really that much of a surprising list really! Like you say, it's sad to see Malick left out. Such is life. I can see Malick getting left off the Best Director nominations, but Tree of Life may just manage a Best Picture nomination...hopefully...in a perfect world....
    Those three on the same day - I don't know what I'm going to see first!

  4. @ Steven - It would be nice to see him nominated because it is a wonderful film. I think Scorsese, Payne and Hazanavicius are locks (because their three films are the frontrunners) but wouldn't it be interesting to see Payne and Refn thrown into the mix? Fincher was a surprise, but there are plenty of bloggers and critics out there who loved Dragon Tattoo, so it might actually be good enough.

    @ NeverTooEarlyMP - I know you weren't a fan of Dragon Tattoo but for some reason I am giddy with excitement for it tomorrow. I am pretty surprised it has found it's way into serious contention - but the three noms at the Guilds is a pretty strong case to assume it will get a Best Pic nom. With films like War Horse, The Help and Bridesmaids also in the mix, I'd take Dragon Tattoo, mostly because I don't think those films are worthy, and I feel so bad for Fincher getting overlooked for The Social Network last year.

    @ Ruth - I still think The Tree of Life has a legit. shot at a Best Pic nom. I think it will #1 on a few ballots - and that's what's important.

  5. @ Steven - I actually meant Malick and Refn...

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