Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sydney and Brisbane Critics vote DRIVE as the Best Film of 2011

Recently, Matthieu Ravier (Sydney) and Matthew Toomey (Brisbane) have collaborated Top 10 lists from local bloggers and critics in their respective cities, who exclusively selected from films released in Australia in 2011. Based on the position of films in each list and a points system the films are then ranked. Incredibly, Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive topped both polls. Here are the Top 20 films as selected by some Sydney film critics/bloggers. You can find out each individual's selections (including my own) by clicking here.

1. Drive
2. Black Swan
3. Melancholia
4. The Tree of Life
5. Incendies
6. Senna
7. We Need to Talk About Kevin
8. True Grit
9. Certified Copy
10. Midnight in Paris/Sleeping Beauty
12. Super 8
13. Project Nim
14. Bill Cunningham New York
15. Take Shelter
16. Bridesmaids/Snowtown
18. Another Year/The Trip
20. Beginners

For a full list of the choices by the Brisbane film critics/bloggers click here. Here are their Top 12:

1. Drive
2. The Tree of Life
3. Melancholia
4. Another Year/The Guard
6. The Skin I Live In
7. Black Swan
8. Super 8
9. 127 Hours/Certified Copy/Senna/Snowtown

What are your thoughts on these selections? They obviously exclude a lot of the big 2011 U.S releases not yet released in Australia but Drive, The Tree of Life and Melancholia appear in the Top 4 for both informal lists, which is interesting considering all three have proven to be divisive amongst audiences.

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