Friday, January 13, 2012

Awards Watch: Winners Announced at the 2012 Critics Choice Awards

Here are the nominees, with the winners credited. The Artist takes out Best Picture and Best Director, with George Clooney and Viola Davis now the frontrunners for Best Actor/Actress after taking out their respective prizes.

Best Picture

The Artist *WINNER*
The Descendants
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
The Help
Midnight in Paris
The Tree of Life
War Horse

Best Actor

George Clooney - The Descendants *WINNER*
Leonardo DiCaprio - J. Edgar
Jean Dujardin - The Artist
Michael Fassbender - Shame
Ryan Gosling - Drive
Brad Pitt - Moneyball

Best Actress

Viola Davis - The Help *WINNER*
Elizabeth Olsen - Martha Marcy May Marlene
Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady
Tilda Swinton - We Need to Talk About Kevin
Charlize Theron - Young Adult
Michelle Williams - My Week With Marilyn

Best Supporting Actor

Kenneth Branagh - My Week With Marilyn
Albert Brooks - Drive
Nick Nolte - Warrior
Patton Oswalt - Young Adult
Christopher Plummer - Beginners *WINNER*
Andy Serkis - Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Best Supporting Actress

Berenice Bejo - The Artist
Jessica Chastain - The Help
Melissa McCarthy - Bridesmaids
Carey Mulligan - Shame
Octavia Spencer - The Help *WINNER*
Shailene Woodley - The Descendants

Best Acting Ensemble

The Artist
The Descendants
The Help *WINNER*
The Ides of March

Best Director

Stephen Daldry - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Michael Hazanavicius - The Artist *WINNER*
Alexander Payne - The Descendants
Nicolas Winding Refn - Drive
Martin Scorsese - Hugo
Steven Spielberg - War Horse

Best Original Screenplay

Michael Hazanavicius - The Artist
Will Reiser - 50/50
Woody Allen - Midnight in Paris *WINNER*
Thomas McCarthy, Joe Tiboni - Win Win
Diablo Cody - Young Adult

Best Adapted Screenplay

Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash - The Descendants
Eric Roth - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Tate Taylor - The Help
John Logan - Hugo
Steve Zaillian, Aaron Sorkin, Stan Chervin - Moneyball *WINNER*

Best Animated Feature

The Adventures of Tintin
Arthur Christmas
Kuf Fu Panda 2
Puss in Boots
Rango *WINNER*

Best Young Actor/Actress

Asa Butterfield for Hugo
Elle Fanning for Super 8
Ezra Miller for We Need to Talk About Kevin
Saoirse Ronan for Hanna
Shailene Woodley for The Descendants
Thomas Horn for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close *WINNER*

Best Action Movie

Drive *WINNER*
Fast & Furious 5
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Super 8

Best Comedy Movie

Bridesmaids *WINNER*
Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Horrible Bosses
Midnight in Paris
The Muppets

Best Foreign Language Film

A Separation *WINNER*
In Darkness
Le Havre
The Skin I Live In
Where Do We Go Now?

Best Documentary Feature

Cave of Forgotten Dreams
George Harrison: Living in the Material World *WINNER*
Page One: Inside the New York Times
Project Nim

Best Song

"Hello Hello" from Gnomeo and Juliet
"The Living Proof" from The Help
"Life's A Happy Song" from The Muppets *WINNER*
"Man or Muppet" from The Muppets
"Pictures in my Head" from The Muppets

Best Score

Ludovic Bource - The Artist *WINNER*
Cliff Martinez - Drice
Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Howard Shore - Hugo
John Williams - War Horse

Best Cinematography

The Artist
The Tree of Life *WINNER*
War Horse *WINNER*

Best Art Direction

The Artist
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
The Tree of Life
War Horse

Best Editing

The Artist
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo *WINNER*
War Horse

Best Costume Design

The Artist *WINNER*
The Help
Jane Eyre
My Week With Marilyn

Best Makeup

Albert Nobbs
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 *WINNER*
The Iron Lady
J. Edgar
My Week With Marilyn

Best Visual Effects

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Rise of the Planet of the Apes *WINNER*
Super 8
The Tree of Life

Best Sound

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 *WINNER*
Super 8
The Tree of Life
War Horse

What are your thoughts on the selected winners?


  1. Harry Potter clinches both makeup and sound! Just as I was starting to give up hope, they make a comeback. Maybe if I had given up hope earlier they'd be in the Best Picture race too. Hahaha...

  2. Yeah, I think the wins in those categories are justified - but not for Best Picture. No way. Still, it was better than a few the CCA nominated for Best Picture. You're not going to agree, but I loved The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - and I am thrilled with the Editing win. One way it was substantially better than the Swedish original was in the technical categories - and especially the cinematography and editing. Superb. Most of these selections produced no surprises, though.

  3. While I didn't enjoy Dragon Tattoo, I do give it credit for its editing and cinematography--and especially its score. I would have liked to see Drive win instead, but I can't complain. Now I'm off to watch the CC on delayed run for my time zone, even though I already know who the winners are!

  4. Wow that's dedication. Enjoy. Yeah the score is amazing - and the best song on the soundtrack is used in such a great way, too.

  5. I just want to note a correction. The Tree of Life and War Horse tied for the cinematography prize.

    I watched that whole thing. With the exception of the Scorsese tribute with Bob Dylan playing. The whole show sucked with lame jokes and shit. Plus, I found that kid from Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close to be so annoying.

  6. I already said it on another webiste, but let me comment it here, as well, and share my frustration- George Clooney for best actor? come on! I really do hope the oscars will wake up and give the award to someone else. I understand the power of Clooney and his very charming presence, but him over Pitt or Dujardin or Fassbender?
    I am going in to see the Descendants with the highest expectations- if it does not deliver, I will tear it to shreds!

  7. @ Steven - Ahh I see. My source for this just had War Horse I thought. Cheers. Still, I'm glad that Lubezki picked up the win, though I don't understand why they couldn't split their work. That's a shame re: the show, and I haven't seen the film, but I was surprised by his win for Young Actor/Actress.

    @ Aziza - I know you're not a fan of Clooney, but he is very very good in The Descendants. It ranks amongst his best ever work. What his character has to go through - dealing not only with a wife in a coma, but one who was cheating on him and desiring to leave him before the accident, but also a land deal causing him stress and having to look after his two estranged daughters alone for the first time. The way these issues merge together and cause him stress is expertly relayed through his performance. I haven't seen Dujardin or Fassbender's work yet so I'm not sure about them. Also, don't be too harsh on the film if Clooney's performance disappoints. I think there is plenty of reward there - and it is not necessarily immediately felt. The interrelations grow on you, and the situations (which are both amusing and sad) stick with you after the experience. In the end, I'm not surprised by Clooney's victory, and I'm not against it at all.

  8. The Artist is starting to look as a strong contender for the Oscar I reckon. It's a bit annoying I wont get the chance to see it until ... I think it is March. And it's the same with Warhorse, Hugo and The Descendents. Haven't had the chanse to see them. The pain of living in a remote corner of the world. It locks you out from parts of the discussion and once you get to see the movies and are ready to talk, everyone else is talking about another movie.

    Oh and in the best foreign language category I think The Skin I Live in is FAR superior to A Separation.

  9. How much of a harbinger are these awards for the Oscars? Does anyone know? A lot of the top tier victors in this one concern me. Personally speaking, of course. Octavia Spencer? Really? REALLY???

  10. @ Jessica - Yeah, I am only just catching up on some now. Still need to see The Artist, TTSS and Shame. I think The Artist is the clear favourite now. Especially after these results. I loved The Skin I Live In, but I wouldn't say it is FAR superior to A Separation. I actually preferred the latter. I thought it was extraordinary. The Skin I Live In isn't eligible for an Oscar unfortunately (well in the Foreign Language category at least) but A Separation should win.

    @ Nick - I am going to assume the Oscars will be pretty similar. I wasn't surprised by The Artist taking Best Picture/Director, and I can live with Clooney. Viola Davis and Christopher Plummer weren't surprising either. But Octavia Spencer's performance is certainly not the best in that category. I'd actually award Jessica Chastain from The Help over Spencer. Then there's Shailene Woodley, and hell, even Janet McTeer. I didn't like NOBBS, but as a 'Supporting Performance' she was excellent.

  11. Just saw The Descendants yesterday, Clooney probably deserved Best Actor but don't know how The Descendants is second favourite for the Oscars! Off to see Hugo now!

    Wanted to see Saoirse Ronan get best young talent for Hanna but haven't seen ELIC so can't complain.

  12. @ Alex - Yeah it is a bit crazy considering that The Descendants isn't even Payne's best film. I liked Clooney in the role - and I think he'll go pretty close. I'm a little bit unsure how to proceed with Hugo - but let me know what you think. I couldn't help but feel disappointed - but I still enjoyed the film immensely. Looking at the nominees, I would have thought that Thomas Horn was the outsider of that group. Anyone else could have won it (but, yes, I am yet to see ELIC either).