Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Best of 2011: A Collaboration

Here are some fine fellow film journalists and bloggers who have put together a 'Best of 2011' list. If they have specified a #1 it is named in the brackets:

Andrew @ A Constant Visual Feast (Drive)
Alex @ And So it Begins (Shame)
Edwin @ A Mighty Fine Blog (The Artist)
Sam @ A Nightmare on Samityville Street (The Woman)
Castor @ Anomalous Material (The Tree of Life)
Nick @ Anomalous Material (Cold Weather)
Aziza @ Aziza's Picks
Nikhat @ Being Norma Jean (Midnight in Paris)
CS @ Big Thoughts From A Small Mind (The Artist)
Joseph @ Black Sheep Reviews
Bonjour Tristesse @ Bonjour Tristesse (A Separation - #1 Foreign Language)
Chris Elena @ ChrisElena (Birthday)
Thomas Caldwell @ Cinema Autopsy (The Tree of Life)
Stevee @ Cinematic Paradox (Senna)
Anders @ Cut Print Review (Hugo)
Brian J. Roan @ (The Tree of Life)
Sebastian @ Films From the Supermassive Black Hole (Drive)
Ruth @ FlixChatter (The Artist)
Dan Fogarty @ Fog's Movie Reviews
Scott Lawlor and Co. @ Front Room Cinema (Drive, Melancholia and Tyrannosaur)
Max @ Impassioned Cinema (Drive)
John @ John Likes Movies (Hugo)
Corey @ Just Atad (War Horse)
Marc Fennell @ Marc Fennell
Tom Clift @ Movie Reviews By Tom Clift (Drive)
Phil @ Phil On Film (The Tree of Life)
Colin @ Pick and Mix Flix (Trust)
Cam @ The Popcorn Junkie (Drive)
Rachel @ Rachel's Reel Reviews (Melancholia)
Richard @ Rich on Film (Martha Marcy May Marlene)
Anna @ Split Reel
Steven @ Surrender to the Void (The Tree of Life)
The Film Connoisseur @ The Film Connoisseur
Nathaniel @ The Film Experience (A Separation)
Danny @ The King Bulletin (The Tree of Life)
Dwayne Lennox @ The LennoX Files
Ryan @ The Matinee (The Tree of Life)
Alice @ The Plot Thickens (Drive)
Richard Gray @ The Reel Bits (The Tree of Life)
Jessica @ The Velvet Cafe (Never Let Me Go)

If I have forgotten anyone, I apologise. Send me a link in the comments below, and I'll add it to the list.


  1. Mine is going up on the 11th. Eyes!! Keep them peeled!

  2. Put an asterik on mine since it's an unofficial one as I'm still trying to watch more 2011 films.

  3. Ooh, great idea! Maybe I should change the name of the site to 'AAA Reel Bits' to get further up that list :)

  4. Thanks for the link Andy! Have a nice day!

  5. Thanks for the link Andy! Going to take some time tomorrow to go through all these : -)

  6. @ Sebastian -I surely will.

    @ Steven - I know what you mean. Mine is also unofficial - going to try and see another 20-25 2011 releases in Jan/Feb.

    @ Richard - I thought it would be easier placing them in alphabetical order - and as I worked through my blogroll, that's how it turned out. Sorry bud.

    @ Corey - No worries Corey. Yours was a great read.

    @ Bonjour - Any time my friend.

    @ Aziza - Sure thing. Thank you, you too! Also, on a different point, ANIMAL KINGDOM was the first film I watched in 2012 - though it was a re-watch.

    @ Anna - There are some great articles here. Worth the time :-)

  7. Thanks for the link, Andy! I really appreciate it.

  8. Nice recap Andy! Thanks for the link love :D

  9. Wow, nice collection. Thanks for including my list!

    Not that I can't click on each link to see for myself, but it would be interesting if alongside each link you listed their no.1 film (perhaps in brackets).

    Regardless, this is an excellent list. Looks like I've got some reading to do.

  10. @ Edwin - No problem.

    @ Castor - Sure thing.

    @ Anders - That's a great idea, mate. I'll work on it.

  11. Hey thanks so much Andy, how very kind. You writing and excellent reviews are great as always, keep up the amazing work!

  12. Thank you Ruth! I really appreciate the support from fellow bloggers and loyal readers such as yourself. I try and spread the love as much as I can!

  13. Thanks Andy. Very happy to be included.

  14. Sure thing Max. Wanted to include them all in a Monday Links but there were too many haha.