Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Looking Ahead: 25 Films to Watch Out For This Winter

Before we take a look at what is to come in Winter, lets go back and have a look at what has been worthwhile viewing over the last three months:

A Separation, Carnage, Headhunters, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Raid, Le Havre, This Must Be The Place, Footnote, The Avengers, Wish You Were Here, Cafe De Flore and The Way.

Note: This is going by the current Australian release schedule. Dates are prone to change, and some films even find themselves playing in one city only or going straight-to-DVD. Also, it is my assumption that the schedules for July and August are not confirmed. But, as we are amidst Blockbuster season, all of these films should have a cinema release in the next three months.


Prometheus (June 7)

Friends With Kids (June 7)

Take This Waltz (June 14)

Rock of Ages (June 14)

The Cabin in the Woods (June 14)

A Royal Affair (June 21)

Brave (June 21)

Elena (June 21)

Marley (June 21)

Snow White and the Huntsman (June 21)


The Amazing Spider-Man (July 4)

Not Suitable for Children (July 5)

Lockout (July 12)

The Dark Knight Rises (July 19)

Magic Mike (July 26)

In Darkness (July 26)

Safety Not Guaranteed (July 26)


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (August 9)

The Sapphires (August 9)

The Bourne Legacy (August 16)

Bully (August 23)

Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (August 23)

Wuthering Heights (August 23)

Moonrise Kingdom (August 30)

Cosmopolis (August 30)

What are your thoughts on some of these releases? What are you most looking forward to?


  1. Your Sister's Sister (Aug 23), from Lynn Shelton and starring Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt, is on my anticipated list. Friends With Kids? Didn't you see the trailer last night? ;)

  2. Taking out BEASTS I added in YOUR SISTER'S SISTER. I saw the trailer. Oddly, I like a lot of the cast. Chis O'Dowd, Adam Scott. I'm going to assume I will enjoy it more than last night's and THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT. Still, I doubt I will see it during SFF, unless there is a screening during the week prior.

  3. Let's see... Prometheus, Brave, and The Dark Knight Rises.

  4. 'Friends with Kids' looks AWFUL. The trailer for that film had me rolling my eyes and switching off. Although I'm looking forward to many of the releases that you've listed, 'Cosmopolis' has me the most intrigued.

    1. I thought it looked okay. Cosmopolis has me intrigued, but the one I am most anticipating is #1 on that list...Prometheus.

  5. Prometheus, SWATH and for winter I always get confused because so many Oscar Buzz movies appear out of nowhere and all of the sudden there are tons of films to watch.

    1. Yeah, I think with all the buzz coming out of Cannes at the moment, plus the anticipation of the year's biggest blockbusters we are coming into an exciting time. If Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises and Cosmopolis are good enough they could find themselves in Oscar consideration, that's for sure.

  6. Lots to look forward to. Most excited for the big ones, Dark Knight and Prometheus. But also been waiting a long time for Marley. Safety Not Guaranteed, Bully and Bourne Legacy also look really good and I guess Spiderman will probably fun!

    1. Marley is playing at SFF, but I gave it a miss there to see it when it gets a release.

      Some of these I will have seen at the festival - Hara Kiri and Wuthering Heights for example. I have already seen Take This Waltz, too. Review will be up soon.