Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Desired Sydney Film Festival Schedule

Hey all, it is Sydney Film Festival time again this year. Last year I watched (and reviewed) 20 films, and this year I am looking to cover somewhere between 20 and 30. This is my proposed list - what I wish to see if I manage to secure tickets before they sell out, and avoid clashes, and not die of exhaustion - but these may not be the films I end up seeing. There may be late changes to the schedule, especially if media accreditation does not come through.

If you are attending SFF this year, please take a look over my line-up. If you have any further recommendations, or discover that we are seeing a heap of the same films, let me know (Twitter - @buckle22). It is going to be an event beyond the films and there are some great city venues to socialise and meet new people.

Be sure to check back throughout the festival for my extensive daily coverage of the festival and the films listed below.

The films in BOLD are ones that I have already secured seats for.

Wed 6th
7:30pm - Not Suitable For Children (Opening Night Film)

Thurs 7th
2.20pm - La Pirogue
6.15pm - Caesar Must Die

Fri 8th
6.30pm - Beasts of the Southern Wild
8.30pm - Moonrise Kingdom

Sat 9th
9.00pm - Rampart

Sun 10th
1.30pm - Goodbye
4.30pm - Undefeated
7.15pm - Tabu
9.45pm - Amour

Mon 11th
2.30pm - Alps
4.20pm - Once Upon A Time in Anatolia

Tues 12th
5.00pm - On the Road
8.30pm - Excision

Wed 13th
2.15pm - Policeman
4.25pm - The King of Pigs
9.15pm - Headshot

Thurs 14th
7.00pm - Holy Motors
9.10pm - Killer Joe

Fri 15th
2.00pm - Barbara
6.45pm - Liberal Arts
9.00pm - Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai 3D

Sat 16th
11.45pm - Neighbouring Sounds

Sun 17th
10.00am - Monsieur Lazhar
2.30pm - Wuthering Heights
8.00pm - Safety Not Guaranteed (Closing Night Film)

Interested, but waiting for a distributed release: The Loneliest Planet, Bully, A Royal Affair, Brave, Jeff, Who Lives At Home, Where Do We Go Now?, I, Anna, Lore, Miss Bala, Side By Side.


  1. Sounds like a good line up - can't wait to see what NZ has in store for us! You shall be a busy bee. Also can't wait for your coverage!

    1. Judging on last year NZ Film Fest. is an excellent festival and because it falls in between SFF and MIFF (I think) it includes films that play at both. You will have West of Memphis at NZ no doubt - one I am dying to see and *fingers crossed* it plays at MIFF. I look forward to the challenge of covering the festival again - and though it lacks depth and has a lot of films scheduled for a distributed release, I will still see a lot of good stuff.

  2. Brave to skip Tabu. I know it's on Palace's release schedule but I'm not sure it has a release date as yet. I'm going to try and see it because I don't want to suffer what I now call the "A Separation syndrome": missing it at the Fest, have it raved about and winning awards internationally, but not getting to see it for another 8 months!

    1. This is true. I can see it, I am just thinking about fatigue - and the fact that I am seeing four films that day already. If I skip it, it is in the hope that it plays at MIFF and has a release in 2012. I know what you mean. I feel the same way about Tyrannosaur, Tomboy and The Kid With A Bike. Could have seen them at SFF and MIFF - and they got a tiny release here in Sydney (or none in the case of Tyrannosaur. Also, some of these films depend on media. If I get media, then I will see a lot. If I don't, I will scale back and probably drop of 4 or 5.

  3. You are seeing On the road? god, I am so jealous, I want to see that movie so bad! Have fun, the line-up looks amazing

    1. Usually we get a few films from Cannes in the line-up. Because it already has a distributor and a confirmed release later in the year, it was one. Looking forward to it, like many others.

  4. Hmmm... you’re sleeping on a lot: Postcards from the Zoo; Today; The Warped Forest; Mosquita y Mari...

    My golden rule: No titles with local distribution. They’ll turn up a year or so down the road. The ones I’ve neglected without distribution over the years haven’t been sighted.

    1. Yeah, some of them I wanted to see, but a lot really didn't interest me. I took the time off to see films that I had confidence would be good and would interest me. Most of them have local distributors, but when they hit cinemas I will have a review already completed. Means the rest of the year is a little more relaxed, having crammed in a lot of films into the festival duration.

      What were your highlights from the festival?

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