Monday, February 28, 2011

The 83rd Academy Awards: Winners and Observations

Well, here they are, the winners from the 83rd Academy Awards. Pretty entertaining show from Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Not too many surprises, though Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing, and I had my money on David Fincher and The Social Network at the Best Director point. But, disappointingly, Tom Hooper and The King's Speech take out the top awards.
I thought it was interesting that The King's Speech lost Art Direction early, which I thought it would win, and then was beaten twice by The Social Network for Editing and Score. I really can't quite believe that Hooper won over Fincher for his direction. When Hooper won, his film had only won one other award, for Original Screenplay, and at that point, Inception, The Social Network, The Fighter and Alice In Wonderland had picked up more awards. Doesn't make much sense, but then it rarely does.
I really liked Natalie Portman's speech, and Colin Firth's too. Why did they let Melissa Leo talk for so long? That was painful. I'm not sure why I predicted "If I Rise" to win Best Song, I guess I thought the one they chose to nominate was going to be one of the GOOD songs in 127 Hours. Glad Randy Newman got recognized, though. Inside Job is a fantastic documentary, and I'm happy it won despite my hopes to see what Banksy had in store for the ceremony. I got 16 out of the 21 categories I predicted, correct.

Here is the complete list:

Best Picture: The King's Speech

Best Director: Tom Hooper (The King's Speech)

Best Actor: Colin Firth (The King's Speech)

Best Actress: Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo (The Fighter)

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale (Then Fighter)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network)

Best Original Screenplay: David Seidler (The King's Speech)

Best Animated Film: Toy Story 3

Best Documentary: Inside Job

Best Foreign Language Film: In a Better World

Best Cinematography: Inception

Best Editing: The Social Network

Best Art Direction: Alice in Wonderland  

Best Visual Effects: Inception

Best Original Score: The Social Network

Best Sound Editing: Inception

Best Sound Mixing: Inception

Best Original Song: Toy Story 3

Best Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland

Best Make-up: The Wolfman

Animated Short: The Lost Thing

Documentary Short: Strangers Among Us

Live Action Short: God of Love

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  1. It was a pretty dull show but the highlight was Colin Firth's brilliant acceptance speech. And the fact The King's Speech won all the awards that really matter. Hopefully they'll bring back Steve Martin for next year.