Monday, February 7, 2011

Poll Results: Favorite Pixar Film

Examining the results of my recent poll which asked readers to vote for their favorite Pixar film, the results were as follows:

Toy Story - 5
A Bugs Life - 0
Toy Story 2 - 1
Monsters Inc. - 2
Finding Nemo - 4
The Incredibles - 2
Cars - 0
Ratatouille - 1
WALL-E - 4
Up - 4
Toy Story 3 - 1

So, the most popular Pixar film, from this relatively slim number of votes, is the original Toy Story (1995). This was one of my favorite films growing up, having seen it at the age of 7 in theatres. It was also one of my most-watched films on VCR. I seemed to watch it every other week. Tied for second in voting were Finding Nemo (2003), WALL-E (2008) and Up (2009) on four apiece. This is not surprising as they have also been amongst the most critically acclaimed of Pixar's work, and Up became their first film to win a Best Picture nomination. That was matched, of course, with Toy Story 3 this year. These results pretty closely correlate with my own personal favorites, which I have decided upon after re-watching some of the films I hadn't seen in some time. The biggest surprise was Ratatouille, which I had seen before but wasn't as nearly blown away as this time. It was fantastic. A Bugs Life and Cars were the weakest in their resume, I thought, but still great fun.

Here are my five favorite Pixar films:

1. Toy Story
3. Ratatouille
4. Up
5. Monsters Inc. 

A big thanks to everyone that voted. My next polls will be Oscar themed; Who deserves to win Best Actor, Best Actress and finally Best Picture? So stay tuned for updates, and would love to see you all back and voting in the future.


Andy Buckle  


  1. Great idea for a Poll, I didn't get time to vote but I have voted on your new one!

    If I had voted for my favourite Pixar I would have chosen Up, followed closely by Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc...

  2. Finding Nemo is still my favourite though I loved Ratatouille, more so than their other recent efforts Up and Toy Story 3.