Monday, February 14, 2011

Poll Results: Best Actress

In a near unanimous decision, Natalie Portman, for her incredible performance in Black Swan, took the honors in my recent poll to vote for Best Actress of the Year. Natalie finished with 13 votes, with Michelle Williams (3) and Jennifer Lawrence (1) also receiving votes. Natalie has won a Golden Globe (Drama) and a SAG Award for her performance as Nina Sayers, which places her in a near-unbeatable position on Oscar Day. I think her performance was the standout this year, despite the quality of the other performances.

Next Poll: Vote for who you think deserves to win Best Actor! Will Colin Firth continue to pick up every award, or will the younger pair of James Franco and Jesse Eisenberg take him down? Thanks to everyone who voted, would love to have you back to vote again here.


Andy Buckle

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