Friday, February 4, 2011

Recent Viewing: Where the Wild Things Are (Spike Jonze, 2009)

Re-watched Spike Jonze's brilliant adaptation of Maurice Sendak's beloved illustrated novel, Where the Wild Things Are, last night. Jonze creates such an extraordinary otherworldly atmosphere on the Island through the jarring hand-held, sepia-stained cinematography. It's grainy and gritty, but also beautiful at the same time. The Karen-O/Carter Burwell score is outstanding, and the Wild Things are a truly remarkable feat. Did anyone else think that Carol (voiced by James Gandolfini of The Sopranos) actually resembled Tony Soprano at times? I thought it was incredible how endowed they all were with human characteristics and emotions, and even adopting distinctive traits of the voice cast. Max Records, in just his second feature, is incredible. It's an odd film, but so entertaining. Recommended!

My Review: Where the Wild Things Are (****)

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