Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Links

Having found myself humbled by the words of some my fellow film bloggers recently, I thought I would take this opportunity to shout out to a few writers who not only consistently produce outstanding work, but who encourage, inspire, support and above all challenge me to be a better writer myself. All of these pages are found on my 'Favorite Blogs' list, but I wanted to give a special mention here.

Top Posts of the Week:

Univarn at A Life in Equinox asks the question: Can critics ever win?

Doubleheader Review of 'Never Let Me Go' at Anomalous Material. Sam and Castor share their thoughts on the film.

Thomas Caldwell at Cinema Autopsy shares his respect for the film 'I Love You Phillip Morris'.

Stevee at Cinematic Paradox reveals her Top 10 Favorite (Modern) Actors and Actresses.

Aiden R. at Cut the Crap Movie Reviews reviews Jane Eyre.

My good friend Sam Fragoso's review of 'Sucker Punch' is certainly worth reading at his site Duke and the Movies. Sam and I are currently working on a Podcast, which should be unveiled on April 9th.

Emma Farley, the creator of Final Cut wrote an article titled, 'On the Power of Film' at Eat Sleep Live Film. It's well worth checking out.

Jack L. at Jack L. Film Reviews has expressed his thoughts on Sam Peckinpah. 

Tom Clift's article, Hit Me With Your Best Shot on his favorite scene from 'Psycho' is his weekly contribution to The Film Experience. All of Tom's reviews can be found at Movie Reviews by Tom Clift.

The Mad Hatter, who's reviews are consistently amongst the best on the web, reviews the new Duncan Jones thriller 'Source Code' at The Dark of the Matinee.

Here are 15 more film blogs/sites I frequently visit:

Top 10 Films 
Surrender to the Void 
Movie Reviews for Greedy Capitalist Bastards 
House of Mirth and Movies 
Encore's World of Film and TV
Edward Copeland on Film 
Defiant Success
Dan the Man's Movie Reviews
Cut Print Review
Cinema Sights
Brian's Film Review Blog
A Nightmare on Samityville Street


  1. Thanks for the link, Andy! I should do something like this one day ;)

  2. Cool, thanks for the link Andy!

    And btw, I noticed the last film you watched was A Prophet, I hope you'll be writing something about it as it's one of my favourites and I would be interested to read your thoughts on it!

  3. Oh, you do spoil me :p Thanks for the linkage. Haven't heard of some of those blogs you mentioned so I'm heading over there now :)

  4. @ Stevee: No problem. Any time. I felt I should respect my most loyal readers!

    @ Jack L: You're welcome! I loved A Prophet. I'll try and get something up on here soon.

    @ Filmgeek: Haha just returning your spoils. Glad I could introduce you to some cool new blogs too!

  5. You humble me sir - thanks for the linkage.

  6. Thanks for the linkage, my man! You're making quite a name for yourself in the blogosphere ;)

  7. @ Mad Hatter: Your work is truly inspirational. I thank you sir!

    @ Sam: Any time my friend. I work hard, and its great to see I'm slowly extending my reach and improving my writing. Really great to see your work on other sites too!