Thursday, April 14, 2011

Short Film: The Statue (2011)

The Statue is a short film made by some close friends of mine, Thomas Jordan (co-producer, writer and lead actor) and Jamie Merendino (co-producer and director). It was shot earlier in the year in and around Sydney city and my house in the Inner West. Check it out!


  1. That was fun!! I tip my hat in gratitude for sharing!!

    Loved the music, made me want to watch an old Chaplin or Keaton movie.

    Great job!!


  2. That was cool, I enjoyed it!

    I liked the Silent film feel to it, rather original...

  3. Glad you liked it guys. I though the silent reel feel was a good idea, and the chase scenes are entertaining. Pretty gruelling day of footage, though!

  4. I bet it was, on a second re-watch the guy doing the chasing's run is genius!! Love the huge strides!!

    What was it filmed on as it looks crispy crisp?