Thursday, April 28, 2011

Releases 28/04

Today in Australia there are no official new releases. With most studios deciding to release their films over the now completed school holidays, and for the Easter weekend, it results in a very quiet week. At my cinema, we actually get an Australian documentary called Mrs Carey's Concert. With such a busy week ahead of me, this will give me some time to catch up before Source Code hits cinemas on May 5. The only film currently released that I haven't seen and desire seeing, is Brighton Rock. I am currently reading the novel by Graham Greene, but I have heard so many negative responses to the adaptation that my desire to see it has waned also. For those looking to catch up on their cinema this weekend, the perfect place to start is with the extremely powerful Canadian film, Incendies. In A Better World, which looks as though it is playing for its final week, is also worth a look. Of the wide releases, Paul is your best bet.

Thanks for reading and happy viewing!

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