Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Links (12/03/12)

Ouch. 30 Mil. Not Good.

Here are some links from the week for you all to peruse:

Steve @ 1001Plus looks at the Costner double of The Untouchables and JFK.

Alex @ And So It Begins Lists 15 Great Movies Under 85 Minutes. Essential reading.

Andrew @ Can't Stop the Movies was in favour of Silent House.

Surprisingly John Carter has been a film that has savagely (at times) divided critics. Dwayne Lennox @ The LennoX Files writes an honest and fair review, weighing up both its strengths and weaknesses.

One film I am yet to see in an Australian cinema this week is Coriolanus. Thomas Caldwell @ Cinema Autopsy shares his thoughts on the film.

Nick Prigge @ Cinema Romantico tells his readers why they should watch Ghosts of Mars instead of John Carter.

Sleep Tight seems to be essential viewing. Colin, who writes at his fantastic site, Pick 'n' Mix Flix is raving about it.

Be sure to tell Andrew @ Encore's World of Film and TV who you think the Director of 2011 was.

Sat @ Cinematic Corner analyses Jason Reitman's Young Adult and reviews one of Cronenberg's coolest films, Videodrome.

Check out Anders' video on How to Make Epic Movie Trailers @ Cut Print Review.

Sam @ Duke and the Movies continues his quest through Stanley Kubrick with his second-to-last film, Full Metal Jacket. 

The Kid in the Front Row imagines the 'The Woman in Black' Script Pitch Meeting. Hilarious.

Front Room Cinema has a fantastic new look.

Corey @ Just Atad asks: Can A Bad Movie Be Worth It For Only One Scene?

If you were in two minds about seeing 21 Jump Street this week, check out Sam McCosh's guest review of the film on Cameron Williams' Popcorn Junkie, before dismissing it.

Tyler @ Southern Vision writes a great piece on what might be my favourite Michael Haneke film, Hidden.

Since watching We Need to Talk About Kevin I have been wanting to see more films by Lynn Ramsay. Jessica @ The Velvet Cafe has reviewed Ratcatcher this week, and I believe it is also excellent.

That's all folks. Hope you all have a great week. What's on the viewing schedule?


  1. I hadn't even heard of Sleep Tight. Clearly I'm going to have to hunt it up now, though.

    1. I trust Colin's taste, and if he is recommending a film, it is worth checking out. Might be a while before it hits cinemas. If at all.

  2. Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it! Great stuff here...

    1. No worries! Did you check out Kid's review of THE WOMAN IN BLACK? I think you will laugh.

  3. I just came home after beeing away for vacation for a few days and found some link love waiting for me. I tip my hat. Thank you very much!

    1. You're welcome Jessica! Hope you had a nice break/vacation :-)