Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Trailer: The Avengers

The second official trailer for The Avengers became available online today. What do you think?

We see a bit more of each character - though still very little of Jeremy Renner - and it looks like there are going to be some pretty impressive sequences. Lets hope it is an Iron Man or Captain America.


  1. Nah this is going to be Transformers with superheroes ;)

  2. It's smart of them to groom RDJ to be the biggest character of the movie, at least from the looks of the trailer - he is very funny and he looks to have so much fun playing Tony Stark. The action looks a bit too much like the one in Transformers, but I'm hoping excellent cast will rescue the movie and at least make it into enjoyable experience.

    1. I do like the cast - and I completely understand why Stark would be the lead character. He already has two films under his belt too. Renner and Ruffalo won't get much of a go, I fear. It looks action-packed, and I hope the script utilises the humour cleverly.

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