Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Links (01/08)

Wow, it's Monday already? It's August already? Time flies, huh? I covered a lot on yesterday's Monthly Round-up so I'll keep this brief. Plus I want to catch a screening of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil later. I don't know about everyone else, but I really enjoyed Captain America this week. Hanna too. That was quite a duo last Friday.

Should I be kicking myself for deciding not to see Tarkovsky's Stalker at the cinema this evening, and for letting a Q+A session with Beginners director Mike Mills on Wednesday sell out? Probably! Oh well, before heading to Melbourne on Friday, I'll have the time to check out L'illusioniste. Actually, we also have Rise of the Planet of the Apes released on Thursday. Talk about an underwhelming sneak-up!

On to the links. Here are ten great articles from this week (after the jump):

Go, See, Talk! have been running a blog-a-thon asking bloggers to come up with a week of Double Features. Check out what everyone came up with here.

Movie Guy Steve @ 1001Plus continues his quest to see every film on the '1001 Films to See Before You Die' List with The Gold Rush.

CS @ Big Thoughts from a Small Mind asks us: Which is Better: Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel? Brilliant!

Nicholas Prigge @ Anomalous Material asks us to consider What Cowboy Could Stop the Aliens? Surely it's Clint! 

Bonjour Tristesse sure was impressed by Touching the Void.

James Blake Ewing @ Cinema Sights reviews the extraordinary Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.

Sam Fragoso @ Duke and the Movies has been a bit quiet this week. Still, check out his thoughts on Friends with Benefits. It seems like it is worth seeing!

Tom Clift has been covering the Melbourne International Film Festival @ Cut Print Review. Check out what he thought of Takashi Miike's samurai epic, 13 Assassins.

Anna @ Split Reel reveals her 12 Favourite Comedies.

Steven @ Surrender to the Void reviews a film called Mala Noche, an early film from Gus Van Sant.


  1. Thanks Andy. This is just the first of many old reviews of Van Sant's work that I'll be releasing in August as I'm preparing to work on my Auteurs essay on him coming in late August/early September.

  2. Thanks for the link my man. Chicago has taken a lot of time away from writing.

  3. NIce collection of links here Mr Buckle. I especially liked Anna's list...very nice!!

  4. @ Steven - No worries! Look forward to it!

    @ Sam - I understand. Now you know why I am sometimes quiet for a few days :-p

    @ Custard - Cheers. I enjoy shouting out to fellow bloggers each week! Yeah, it's a great list!

  5. Thanks for the shoutout!
    Ahhh I haven't done links in ages, I love links! I was so lazy last week that I barely even posted anything. Trying to pull myself together haha

    --> On to reading these now!

  6. Thanks for the linkage! I think I should have heeded your feelings on Captain America. I went to the theater and still hadn't decided if I wanted to see that or Cowboys & Aliens. I chose the latter. It was a mistake. Maybe I'll still get to Captain America before the summer ends.

  7. @ Anna - You're welcome! Yeah, it's always fun to recognise some fellow bloggers. I have been working pretty hard. I suspect a lazy week/month is approaching, though! I can't keep this up. Hope you enjoyed the links!

    @ Nicholas - Of course, man! I hope you enjoy Captain America as much as I did. It was a pleasant surprise how much fun this film was. I'm somewhat puzzled by the lukewarm response considering the love for Thor, which I thought was fairly average. I don't want to see Cowboys and Aliens. Just watching Spielberg and Ron Howard try and justify this idea in the sneak preview turned me off it haha.