Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Links (29/08)

Well, this week I finally got into my Altmam. I watched MASH, which I was disappointed with, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, which I absolutely loved, and Nashville, which I thought was an extraordinary achievement. I started watching Popeye last night and there is no chance of me getting through it. It's awful. As for new releases, it was a quiet week, but I did see POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and Cowboys and Aliens. I also decided to revisit a few Harry Potter films. I shared my thoughts on The Goblet of Fire.

But, I have been perusing sites all morning. Here are some links:

Jessica @ The Velvet Cafe has become a much appreciated recent follower. This week she shares her thoughts on The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Paranoid Park.

Phil @ Phil on Film reviews Pedro Almodovar's new film, The Skin I Live In.

Joel @ Deny Everything unveils his Top 10 Films of the Summer.

Ryan @ The Matinee was very impressed with Soderbergh's Contagion. I am looking forward to it!

The gang on the LAMBCAST (Dylan, Nick, Sam, Tom and Sebastian) talk about their Top 5 Anticipated Films of Fall/Winter

Steven @ Surrender to the Void shares his thoughts on my favourite film by Gus Van Sant, Elephant.

Anna @ Split Reel recently watched British genre film, Kill List at the Espo Cine International Film Festival. I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS. It played at the Sydney and Melbourne Film Festivals. Gah.

Newly accredited to Rotten Tomatoes, Tom Clift @ Movie Reviews by Tom Clift has been reviewing lots of films recently. Be sure to check out what he thought of Beginners.

Should you see Columbiana? John @ John Likes Movies doesn't think so.

Sam @ Duke and the Movies this week was impressed by the David Schwimmer film, Trust.

Stevee @ Cinematic Paradox finally got the chance to see The Tree of Life. Find out what she thought.

Nick Prigge @ Anomalous Material contemplates another sequel to Before Sunrise/Before Sunset.

Alex @ And So It Begins... looks at the career of David Cronenberg for LAMBS in the Directors Chair.


  1. Jessica is awesome! Love reading here stuff.

  2. Thanks man. I got a couple of more reviews of Van Sant's work to put out but I'm going to push my Van Sant Auteurs essay a little longer in time for Restless. Then I will release the essay while I will also work on my fifth Auteurs essay on Alexander Payne in anticipation for his new film The Descendants.

    Popeye was fucking awful. It was just bad, bad, bad when I saw and years later, when I learned that Robert Altman directed it. I was like WTF? Still my least favorite Altman film.

    I'm reading the Velvet Cafe now and add me to the list.

  3. @ Sam - Of course.

    @ James - Yeah she is! It's been a privilege reading her stuff.

    @ Steven - Love Alexander Payne. Sideways is one of my favourite films. Yeah, Popeye is so bad. I can't believe that Altman directed it. Glad to hear you are following the Velvet Cafe. Jessica runs a great site.

  4. Popeye huh... =) The Player and Mr T and the Women are Altmans best I think.

    I got to join the Velvet cafe bandwagon, great site that I have recently discovered. Nice that she gets links.

    Thanks for including my rouge top ten of the Summer. I'm kind of surprised theres not more complaints from HP and X-men fans on it.

  5. @ Joel - The Player, McCabe and Nashville are my top picks for Altman. No worries Joel. I have no qualms about where Potter and X-Men are situated. Transformers: DOTM is another story haha. Yeah, I have received great support from Jessica at The Velvet Cafe and am happy to spread the word about her site.

  6. Awww. Link love! <3 Thank you very much! And some nice pointers to other blogs I need to check out as well. I'm still new to the film blogging community so I've got a lot of discoveries to do.

  7. You're very welcome! There are some great sites out there. Glad to help you discover some more!

  8. You're welcome Stevee. Glad you enjoyed ToL!

  9. Thank you, my friend! I agree with your sentiment toward "Nashville." When I watched it that was my thought exactly - a great achievement. Yet not really a film - like "McCabe & Mrs. Miller" - that I truly loved.

  10. @ Nick - Yeah, I didn't immediately enjoy it as much as McCabe, but as I was thinking about it and writing some stuff down, I really did appreciate it and admire it more than I expected. You're welcome!

    @ Alex - Not a problem dude. There will be more in the future, I'm sure.